2014 Weekly Prophecy: Arizona

2014 Weekly Prophecy: Arizona

Last week the majority of the Prophets were a bit off on their predictions. This week everyone tries to make amends with deeper looks into their crystal balls. At the end of the season the best picker gets a prize and the worst gets a punishment (both of my choosing.)

Let’s see how they rank!


Me, myself, I

Score: Arizona 30 UTSA 24

Thoughts: I was wrong last week and I want to predict a UTSA win, but I’m going to do a Constanza and go against my gut, because that is more prudent.


Cooler Chronicles writer, podcaster, and current Austinite-in-training. Also known to be on Underdog Dynasty.

Score: UTSA wins 31 – 25

Thoughts: After re-watching a recording of UTSA’s win at Houston, I switched over to scope out Arizona vs UNLV. My number one take away from watching that game was that Arizona had a ton of talent at WR but everything else was pretty average. I don’t think that they’re a tough or physical team like UTSA is and they’re soft up the middle on defense. Anu Solomon is a very promising young quarterback but UTSA is going to make his first road start hell.


Tailgater, sometimes Cooler Chronicles contributor, lover of meats

Score: Give me the ‘cats 27 – 24.

Thoughts: Bigger, stronger, faster.  That’s what it all comes down to with this weeks opponent.  Arizona is bigger, stronger, and will play faster than Houston did.  After breaking all sorts of yardage records in their opening game against UNLV, the Wildcats will bring their freshman QB and a stable of offensive playmakers to the Alamodome.  Anu Solomon made his first start last week for Arizona, and played exceptionally well against a really bad defense.  UTSA doesn’t have a bad defense.  In fact, I think UTSA has one of the top 25 defenses in the country.  I think our defense does enough to keep us in the game all day, but I don’t think we’ll have enough offense to outscore Arizona.


Cooler Chronicles writer, former WAC blogger, Fort Worth-ian

Score: UArizona 38, UTSA 31

Thoughts: I like both teams to come out firing and getting on the scoreboard early
and often. For UTSA to be within striking range in the fourth quarter,
they’ll have to work on time of possession and hanging 7’s rather than
3’s. Ultimately, Arizona will be a little too much to handle as the
Runners field a late comeback that falls short.


Erstwhile Cooler Chronicles writer, man about a tailgate, MBA-having sumbitch, lover of pumpkin’ beer, admirer of Lynn

Score: Arizona 37 UTSA 17

Thoughts: After an amazing week of national exposure, UTSA has a great opportunity to truly put themselves on the map against Arizona.  Tucker Carter did well as a game manager, but the Runners need much more than that. On the other side, a RS Freshman QB against a strong defensive front sounds very exciting, but I think Group of Five reality kicks back in. That said, what did I tell everyone after the UH win? “They always do this, just when you think they’ve hit their ceiling, they do something to amaze us!” I’m sure rooting for it and hope I’m wrong in my prediction.


Inside Runner Sports Person, grinder

Score: NONE.

Thoughts: No prediction at press time :(.


Examiner writer, Aussie, journalist

Score: UTSA 21-17

Thoughts: After the Runners made all of us look foolish (okay me, look, I’m Australian this American Football stuff is as new to me as it is to UTSA) I’m a little gun shy this week. There were great signs of UTSA’s experience paying off, but early on Tucker Carter looked a little overawed. That changed as the game went on and he started to belong more. I’m keen to see that continue. Arizona did well but the O-Line didn’t look phenomenal, and will need to lift against UTSA’s impressive defense but you get the sense that coach Rich Rodriguez didn’t lay everything out on the table last week. I think UTSA’s defense will get the job done in this one


Man about town, CardinalHealth band member, Bar Owner, Gonzo in SA show person

Score: Zona 30, UTSA 23

Thoughts: My grandfather used to say “never trust a man with two first names”. He also used to say “never trust a man named Anus”. Unfortunately, I’m a superstitious man so I’ll assume the only reason the Runners won last week is because I personally picked against them. You’ll thank me when they win Thursday night.


Gonzo in SA, frequent Instagram-er of watches, shook hands with Dat Nguyen

Score: Wildcats win, 34-23

Thoughts: Although I picked UTSA to lose to Houston last week, I did predict they would score 27 points… So I was half-right… Batting .500… Success. UTSA was able to put up 27 points last week but on just 263 yards of total offense. You could also credit Houston’s turnovers and other woes to that number. There’s no doubt that the Roadrunners surprised most of us last week but this Arizona team is fast on both sides of the ball. Tucker Carter is going to need a stronger performance and UTSA will need to force and capitalize on Arizona turnovers. Who knows, maybe the Wildcats will be lazy coming off a cupcake win over UNLV. Maybe the energy of the home opener combined with the momentum from the Houston win gives the Roadrunners enough to push them to victory…

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