2014 Weekly Prophecy: UTSA v Oklahoma St

2014 Weekly Prophecy: UTSA v Oklahoma St

At the end of the season the best picker gets a prize and the worst gets a punishment (both of my choosing.)

Let’s see how they rank!


Me, myself, I

Score: Oklahoma State 31 UTSA 27

Thoughts: Well I think we all were a bit justified in feeling that the upset was a very real possibility. I still have that feeling today – – and so do some gambling folks — but it is hard to imagine UTSA beating Oklahoma State in Stillwater. Then again, this is Oklahoma State we are discussing, a program known for disappointing. If Oklahoma Stste loses it will be because of Squinky. That said I expect another moral victory from this game.


Cooler Chronicles writer, podcaster, and current Austinite-in-training. Also known to be on Underdog Dynasty.

Score:An entertaining 31 – 24 win for OSU.

Thoughts:Doesn’t it feel like UTSA is on the cusp of something great? As the buzz around the program grows from a regional interest to a budding national infatuation, the program needs a signature win to catapult itself into the college football dialogue. I don’t think that win comes today but I’m not discrediting the possibility. Tucker Carter has improved with each snap this season so I’m anticipating the offense having their best performance yet. Unfortunately I think Tyreek Hill is going to have a monster game for OSU and give the Cowboys great field position all evening.


Tailgater, sometimes Cooler Chronicles contributor, lover of meats

Score: OSU 31-21

Thoughts: I want to believe.  Their starting QB is out!  They have a young defense!  We played Arizona so tough!  I really want to believe that we can do this, but I can’t.  I know that we’ll bust them in the mouth for 60 minutes.  I know that we’ll have success against their offensive line.  I also know they have just too much firepower offensively and in special teams for us.  We give them our best shot, and impress the nation again.  But we lose


Cooler Chronicles writer, former WAC blogger, Fort Worth-ian

Score: UTSA 24 Oklahoma State 21

Thoughts: Call it stupid, crazy, or wishful thinking – but I believe this game is
where UTSA jumps from being the cute “Texas-San Antonio” story that hung
with Arizona and beat the stuffing out of Houston into UTSA, emerging G5
powerhouse. With starting QB J.W. Walsh likely sidelined for the contest,
look for the multiple look UTSA defense to take away passing lanes and
crowd the box, causing inexperienced signal caller Daxx Garman to force
matters and make mistakes. The Runners are diverse enough on offense to
cause some serious matchup problems against the Pokes D, and a couple of
big offensive plays should provide the difference in a hotly contested
contest in scenic Stillwater.

Welcome to true national relevance, Roadrunners. Okie State head coach
Mike Gundy thinks UTSA is as good as a Big 12 team. I’ll agree with him
for at least this one Saturday in September. I’ve liked this matchup since
this summer and think the Birds have just enough seasoning to pull this
off. The Cowboys looked lackluster against Missouri State last Saturday –
enough to see how a team that spreads the field with authority can knock
off the fightin’ T. Boone’s.


Erstwhile Cooler Chronicles writer, man about a tailgate, MBA-having sumbitch, lover of pumpkin’ beer, admirer of Lynn

Score: OSU 31 UTSA 17

Thoughts: Even without their starting quarterback, OSU with their Big 12 talent controls the game.  Whenever they want players from San Antonio, they are able to easily pick them off, always beating UTSA.  Don’t worry, I will likely be picking the Runners the rest of the season.


Inside Runner Sports Person, grinder

Score:UTSA 31
Oklahoma St 28

Thoughts: No blurb!


Examiner writer, Aussie, journalist


Thoughts: None this week 🙁


Man about town, CardinalHealth band member, Bar Owner, Gonzo in SA show person

Score: OSU 34, UTSA 28

Thoughts: It’s exciting to see the Runners get some national attention with a number of talking heads putting OSU on upset alert, but I just don’t think UTSA can match OSU’s speed. That being said, I think it’ll be an entertaining game which will help the Runner continue to gain respect nationally.


Gonzo in SA, frequent Instagram-er of watches, shook hands with Dat Nguyen

Score: Cowboys 37 UTSA 23

Thoughts: In Haiku form… UTSA fights — Ground game wins it for Cowboys –Cowboys by 14

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