4.25.12 Realignment Speculation Update

I really don’t like this stuff very much. You may have heard me complain about it on the Deranged Pengwin Podcast. Anyway I’ve inadvertently involved myself in this thing so I’ll let you know what I know.

First, you may remember that I do/did Mean Green Nation before I moved back home to San Antonio and started this blog. That is important.

I was looking for info on who the new guy to replace the departed-to-LSU Johnny Jones when  someone DM’d me again the day of the UTSA Spring Game and mentioned that UNT was going to CUSA and that an announcement was coming very soon, possibly May 1st if not sooner. Well his timing is pretty damn spot on. The U of North Texas Board of Regents just allowed UNT’s president Lane Rawlins to negotiate/move over to a new conference. This was a special session. Hurm. Everything is pretty much spot on with this guy. The info looks legit.

So I ask him if he knows anything about UTSA. I know everyone, including Barry Coker, is dying to know the latest information. He says he’ll know more post-UNT Spring Game (April 21).

A week passes and on Monday (while letting me know the details of the Tony Benford hire) he DMs me that UTSA is unequivocally not getting into CUSA (didn’t mention any other conference).

I passed it along via the Coker Chronicles twitter because I was still slightly unsure how legit this was. Tonight, after seeing predictions come pretty damn close to true, I’m even more inclined to believe this guy. He also passes along this gem:

“FIU is definitely in, the last two spots are/were down to LaTech, MTSU, and & UNCC — but that last part is from a second-hand source.”

Other little birds (Roadrunners) are saying that UTSA is planning a significant announcement next week that will require some pretty legit fanfare.

Here are your scenarios if it is a conference announcement:

1. Move to the Sun Belt — this has long been the most likely coice ever since Benson moved to the SBC. It would also mesh with the Source’s info.

2. Move to the CUSA– the Source may not know everything and/or his source may be wrong.

3. Move to MWC — Sure, why not?

4. Other — We are totally off and it is just a birthday party or something.


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