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Hey you. I am from San Antonio originally. I left to attend the University of North Texas for various reasons.

I am first and foremost a UNT fan – I even run meangreennation.com, roughly the third most popular UNT site (out of three) — yet I reserve a nice cozy spot in my heart for the newborn Road Runner Football team. I founded this site (and its various incarnations) because I love me some San Antonio and football and I like to write about things I like.


I’m a current undergraduate student at UTSA studying Information Systems. I also design websites and graphics as a freelancer.

I got my start in blogging through my music blog (thinkfastlivefast.com) where I cover(ed?) all types of independent music. If you don’t know who Hot Water Music or Doomtree is, then it probably isn’t the place for you. My greatest moment on TFLF was when the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra called me an idiot. Or when a hardcore group of GDP fans organized a campaign to spam my comment section after I gave his album a shitty review.

I’ll handle most of your run-of-the-mill posts on Coker Chronicles such as link roundups, news tidbits, and crude photoshops. I’ve probably broken the record for the most mis-pronunciations on a podcast. I really like animated GIFs, and I hope you do too. Follow me on Twitter. Email me here. Hate mail and Paypal payment is very welcome.

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