Arizona mini-preview -- 9.14.13

Arizona mini-preview — 9.14.13

Most people like UTSA. Isn’t that weird? They are a pleasant surprise. A scrappy little team that can, with a name head coach in everyone’s favorite-city-when-they-think-about-it-isn’t-that-where-they-have-the-Alamo?-hey-and-I-like-Daniel-Boone-John-Wayne.

There is certainly less respect for the name. I chalk that up to unfamiliarity. Most schools that have the INSTITUTION-CITY form are referred thusly. The few schools that aren’t (Cal, UCLA and … ) have earned that right through success, relentless correction-of-offenders, and time.

Speaking of time, last year at about this point of time the few critics of UTSA football complained that the real test was to come when they played the likes of OSU and Arizona. That 40K attendance and the vigor with which the fan base is seeking Pac 12 Network here testifies that there won’t be a drop off. Perhaps the general doubting of San Antonio is what I feel when I think people are doubting the program. They aren’t really, it’s just a continuation of city-hate-dislike-apathy that I get a whiff of.

I feel the same reluctant appreciation for success that permeates Spurs coverage with this UTSA team. “Ugh we have to appreciate SAN ANTONIO? Guh. ”

Then again that may be just me. I may have a twinge of beat-up annoying complainer about me on account of I’ve been mainlining Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast in anticipation of his show last night.

*If you are wondering, it was great. The only thing that made it less-awesome than it could have been was that some drunks got kicked out and there were annoying fans who kept distracting him by taking pictures.

Arizona will likely win. I’m okay with that. The plan remains the same this week as it was last week: be competitive, stay in it, win respect around the nation. This team had no shot of winning a BCS title this year so non-cons don’t nearly matter as much. Building program momentum, winning national recognition, getting good publicity are the goals. Remember when Gonzaga was always the plucky mid-major? How about when Boise St was the little blue bronco that could? Yes. This is part of building the program. Getting your ass beat … respectably.

Oh and if you jus happen to pull an upset? Well looks like you just got an Advance to Cool Town card, collect ESPN mentions as you pass.

I may or may not be at The Block, where the Rowdy Talk guys are LIIIIIVE and in person, having a good old time. Methinks Shafer and Jared will be there, though. Give them a high five for me.

Podcast Programming Note:

There was a podcast last night but Jared had a little difficulty in getting it uploaded in time. Should be rectified next week when we get that and the new episode uploaded. Don’t expect me on too much, on account of my busy schedule. [looks around smugly][feels important][deserves a slap]. Jared will be manning the hosting duties and has a nice line up of guests.

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