Awkward Reunion

OMG! Its a shark!

OMG! Its a shark!

Oh, hi, uhhh how have you been?

Every shark has it’s annoying low-life parasite that finds itself always near.  So is my blog to the UTSA football season.  That majestic megladon has returned for its enchanting seasonal appearance, but if you look closely you’ll see it.  Its full of pumpkin beer, porn stars, Saved by the Bell references and tailgating fables.  So, let it begin….

The offseason has been quite hectic and it’s good to see football season closing in.  However, since I neglected to blog for a very long time, there is a couple things I need to touch on just to catch up.  I will do it with bullet points as to try to keep you reading to the end.

  • UTSA has a porn star–Yeah, I just have to get this out of the way.  Twitter followers, I am sorry.  A former basketball player is now a well employed movie actor for pornographic movies.  I have done some extensive research, and would advise you to stay away from the early stuff.  You don’t start banging latina twins on day one, you have to pay your dues….
  • UNT fans are DBs- As our early samplings warned us, UNT guy really is that much of a douche.  It has definitely been the most active developing CUSA rivalry for UTSA.  This will be fun to watch when it gets late in the season, their fans lose interest, and we invade their fancy young stadium.
  • SWT Separation- I have noticed this offseason  UTSA fan no longer has little brother syndrom.  Once the mighty birds took down the Bobcats, along with the new conference affiliations, Runner fans quit feeling the need to respond to SWT bullshit.  They done been owned!  This season will provide further separation between the programs and they will sink deeper into irrelevance.  Their season ticket sales are down and they don’t have a single attractive game to sell to their fans.  The sole home Texas game is A&M Commerce, who may as well be from Maine.  A recent poll from the San Marcos Record indicated that fans are most excited for the Wyoming home game.  The difference in a SBC invite and CUSA invite is massive and will cause the Bobcats to be the old weaker brother who never accomplished anything (hey, I have one of those!).
  • The Word!- So Incarnate Word is moving into the Southland, former UTSA home.  I think these guys are cute.  Its fun that they take a pot shot every now and then and do silly stuff like hiring Ricky Williams.  As long as they know their place, let them do their thing.  It would be fun to have a road game with them hosted in the Alamodome, just for another free home game.  I am not sure if it is worth giving them a shot, its probably just a lose/lose.  I think UIW will end up looking like what I thought UTSA football would be when it was first announced that a football program would be started.  The grand vision of playing in the Alamodome in a higher level conference wasn’t always so clear as history makes it look.  I was prepared to support UTSA football in a small outdoor stadium against Southland teams.  I am glad this wasn’t the fate, but probably wouldn’t have ever known better.  The meteoric rise has been nothing short of amazing, and quite unique.  Someone should write a book about it.
  • Congrats!- 5 Stones Craft Brewing officially launched this summer.  Their beers can be found in selective stores including the Gabriels in the Vineyard.  I picked up a few bottles of the first batch of Norma Jeane, good stuff.  If you want to try their product, they will be on hand at tailgates for home games 2-6.  Details to come.
  • You don’t know Jack- So Twitter superstar Jack disappeared over the offseason.  This topic is so controversial that the two UTSA pay websites disagree on what happened to him.  He was a joy to have in th twittersphere and always there for a virtual drinking buddy.  When you are married with children, sometimes you have to resort to staying home and drinking in the living room.  Jack will not be forgotten.  If you are reading this blog out loud, please pause for a moment of silence.

Alright, good enough for catch up.  My wife is so opportunistic, again proven this evening.  I told her about this CUSA bowl game in the Bahamas and her mouth watered.  When I mentioned they were also considering one in Dubai, she actually looked up airfare.  I settled here expectations and reminded her about the UNT game that we will be traveling to the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Of course, she started looking at the resorts near Grapevine.  Geeze…

We are lined up for a viewing party for the New Mexico game  It will be at Freetail Brewing Company, home of the original UTSA watch party.  Hope everyone can make it and return the magic of the first game last season.

We are also planning on a big tailgate for the Oklahoma State game.  We are going to get out there early, like sneak around the gate at last call early, and will be doing breakfast tacos, a smoked fatty and Freetail beer.  We will also have other breaskfast booze to deal with the early start time.  Postgame tailgating will again feature the skills of Matty V, the Pino Pounder.

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