Best UTSA Shirt Ever

Tired of the same old UTSA gear?  Ready for something different?  Well here is a unique item.  Casual San Antonio fans won’t understand.  A decent amount of students will not understand.  Real fans will understand.  Real fans know what Lynn Hickey has done for not just UTSA athletics, but the school as a whole.  Real fans know that she is the reason that UTSA is in the WAC and just as quickly will join Conference USA.  Real fans understand that this woman’s balls are as big as they come.  Real fans know that Lynn Hickey is the difference between UTSA and Texas State.  It’s time to show the love.  If you love UTSA football, sports or the school as a whole, you need to show your appreciation for this awesome woman.  This is my way:

P.S.  Bet you don’t find any Larry Teis shirts like this!

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