Coaches Predict UTSA Third: 2014 CUSA Pre-Season Poll

It is hard to be angry with the CUSA coaches, who picked Tulsa to top the 2013 standings, for predicting the Runners to finish behind Rice and North Texas. Most other previews 1 have it as 1. Rice and 2. UTSA. Rightfully so. Rice won last year and doesn’t lose a whole hell of a lot. UTSA returns approximately 5 million starters and only lost to Rice by one score.

The good news is that it kind of takes some of the pressure off. When people write up lazy blog posts or lazy newspaper articles about the squad, they’ll reference the coaches poll. Now that creeping Expectation Monster 2 is held at bay (somewhat) by not having it brought up before every game. There are clearly some folks who know things 3 that think UTSA might not do so well.

  1. Pretty much every one of them. 

  2. Tweet. This was super-interesting. Lots of long-time, knowledgeable fans expect a bowl + a lot of wins. Totally reasonable. 

  3. I realize this means you have to think the coaches did more than absent-mindedly fill out the survey. 

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