Conference Schedule Changes

A few weeks back, Conference USA decided to plug in the newly added teams to the ones that were leaving.  UTSA took Houston’s, UNT got SMU’s, FIU grabbed UCF’s and La Tech would play in the East, taking Memphis’s schedule.  With this information, UTSA’s home/road opponents were known and it had some nice benefits and some disappointing ones.  However, with Tulane and ECU announcing their intention to leave, the conference picked up Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee and this week announced they would be joining for 2013.  This caused some disruption to what was to be the divisions and the schedule.  Now Louisiana Tech will be in the west, as they should be and will be in the future.

Let’s take a look at the changes…


Away: UTEP, Tulsa, Tulane, FIU

Home: Rice, UNT, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss


Away: UTEP, Tulsa, UNT, Marshall

Home: Rice, Louisiana Tech, Tulane, UAB

The good:

Once I found out UTSA and UNT were to be in CUSA last year, I always expected the games at Rice and UNT to alternate each year.  That gives the fans one easy road trip each year.  I am glad that this schedule fixed that.

If you like to travel, this is a great schedule.  Three out of the four are drivable games, and if El Paso and Tulsa is too far for you to drive, you can fly Southwest pretty cheap to these two cities.

The bad:

Miss out on some good destination games.  Losing FIU isn’t that bad, there will be opportunities to travel to south Florida in the future, considering that there are now two CUSA teams there.  However, the New Orleans trip for Tulane hurts as it would have been a one time deal, since they are moving on to the Big East after the season.

The new schedule is looks like it may be just a little bit tougher than the original.  FIU is a game that UTSA probably would have been favored in, even on the road.  Southern Miss had a terrible season last year and that would have been a good win for the program.  I am happy to have UAB on the schedule, as they are traditionally a poor program.

Pretty excited about being in CUSA.  Hopefully things will take a long-term hold after the Tulsa situation gets cleared up.  Speaking of, once ECU and Tulane leave, Southern Miss is expected to slide west, but what about if Tulsa leaves?  Seems like Western Kentucky may be next on deck, which doesn’t do much for division alignment.  My guess is UAB, as strange as it sounds, may have to come west if Tulsa is plucked away by the Big East.  For that reason, I hope NMSU, Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette or Texas State are getting some sort of consideration.  Seems the power may have shifted to the east.

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