Goodbye Cooler Chronicles Close For Good

In case you had not noticed, there is little in the way of blogging here at Coker / Cooler Chronicles. What started as a hobby, borne of mine own love of college football and irrepressible desire to make my interests into a discussion, is now over, officially.

Truthfully, CC only shown brightly for about six months in the earliest days of the UTSA program primarily on the strength of the podcast, the live chats for away games and the terrible forum. As better coverage (shout out to Dan McCarney!) and paid sites joined the conversations the importance of CC waned. People found other and better ways to follow the program. This is and was fine.

For me, the difficulty of balancing my first love with my new hobby proved too difficult, despite my best efforts. I simply did not have the time or the talent to blog about two teams in the same CUSA division. So it goes. I acknowledge my role in the waning of the site and the coverage. I have no regrets [1].

I had fun, made friends, and had memorable experiences. My time spent following UTSA football made me a better writer, even if only marginally and imperceptibly so.

One problem with daily blogging about a cyclical subject like College Football is that a lot of time and effort is spent covering quickly expiring topics. It is for this reason that I cannot trot out a Best Of Coker/Cooler Chronicles with anything approaching a straight face. There are some good things in here, however.

Jared moved on to Underdog Dynasty full-time, where he continues to blog and podcast.

I am realistic about the long term viability of self-publishing, but I am also hopeful about it. There is room for a good independent site about even a small program like UTSA and I hope to read it one day. I mostly do MGN and am dabbling a bit with a Spurs blog (again!) and a general San Antonio site.

  1. Or regerts.  ↩

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