El Convo: NMSU 82 – UTSA 62 – 1.3.12

Last night was fun to watch. I was at Fox and Hound with Shafer and Jared. There was a changing roster of people around us. We talked everything from cufflinks to die cut embroidery. I think. I don’t remember exactly because there was lots of beer.

Oh and there was a game on. That was good until early in the first half when the bottom fell out and the Runners allowed a flood of easy layups. My first theory was that we were intimidated by 7’5” Sim Bhullar after he changed a couple of shots or something. There was some hesitation by our guards after getting swatted once or twice in there. He only got three blocks but as always is the case with shot-blockers, he scared a whole lot more away. Still the Runners managed 49% shooting. It wasn’t all turnovers either. There were only twelve of those compared to th te Aggies’ sixteen.

It was the rebounds in the kitchen with the butcher knife, ya’ll. That is to say they were grabbing any and all rebounds and ran down to get layups.

Bottom line is that this iteration of this team is pretty middling. Mike Hale, when he is feeling good can elevate this squad into a dangerous team capable of pulling off an upset.

Right now, this team will battle it’s way to a good enough record in the WAC and look to do damage there. That’s the big plan o’ action. It isn’t unreasonable. In fact, its very logical. Problem is that no one here wants to see a middling team battle through a conference season on a crappy internet feed.

You know who does though? Us. We decided that we need to have a get-together at a weekend game at the Convo. Here is the schedule coming up. Some juicy ones soon: 12th v La Tech at 6pm and 19th v TEXAS STATE at 4pm.

All you guys (and gals) that make the tailgates but don’t make the bball games? Shame on you. Come out and let’s have some fun together. We’ll all sit together and Jared and I will show you how to enjoy a college basketball game.

Other things:

Ya’ll like flag football? Think you are pretty good? We are putting together the first Cooler Chronicles Flag Football game. We’ll all get together and I’ll score 7 touchdowns, Johnny Manziel style. It’ll be fun. So far interest seems high. Comment below, or email me at ntm(at)cokerchronicles.com. Hell, you can even post it in the now-forgotton forum if you’d like.

Also, we want to do a basketball one too. That’ll be later and there are more details to come. As in life, football first.

Like shirts? Shafer has been buggin’ me about making shirts and a banner and a mug and letting Mrs. Shafer use her die-cut machine or something. I had to wait out the whole Coker v Cooler thing. Shirts are forthcoming. Want one? Let me know. First run will be small and I’ll have a bunch to give away. Then I’m selling the rest with proceeds benefiting the running of this blog/site/podcast.

Hey. At least I’m honest.

Go Runners.

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