Facility Problem and Gameday

Jared linked to this earlier. I found the tidbit about the lack of facilities, and football-specific interesting.

As McCarney said, the “Herculean fund-raising effort to get that done. Definitely something to keep an eye on in the coming years” will be just that.

Although there might be an official kick off to fundraising, the beginning of that saga has already started. The popularity of this season will no doubt determine the feasibility of said effort. Every shirt sold, every seat filled and every fan made will add to the coffers and quicken the pace.

The rapid rise to full-on BCS team has been remarkable.

Quick look at recent Genesis to FCS to BCS jumps:

FIU — Started 2002, spent three years in FCS before moving to FBS in 2005. Fastest in history to achieve that.

FAU — Started 2001, spent five years in FCS before moving to FBS in 2005.

The interesting thing about these two programs is the similarity to UTSA. Both are in recruit-laden states near large cities and in FAU’s case, run by a former Miami head coach.

Coker and future head coaches can only sell the Future and Potential for so long. Eventually they’ll need to point to wins, fans and STUFF. Ask any fan of a facility-poor school how much of a beating it is to either watch your team in a dilapidated stadium or seeing recruits leave for shiny new workout facilities.

The Alamodome is no doubt a huge selling point for the foreseeable future. If San Antonio can pack that thing with 20,000 people on a regular basis it will be an accomplishment. As the novelty wears off after a year or two, games against no-name FCS squads will not bring the people out especially if UTSA is losing ugly.

UTSA has been remarkably fortunate, thus far. The timing of the WAC’s um “troubles” coupled Lynn Hickey’s leadership has shortened the time frame considerably. This is awesome.

There is no reason to think the UTSA brass will sit back and rest after this. It is, as McCarney wrote, something to watch, however.


Now that I’ve acknowledged the scary, serious stuff let’s get to the fun stuff: With the first game just about a month away UTSA already has their gameday site up.

One of the coolest things about starting a program is that all the traditions are new. It is also kind of difficult as there is nothing to reference and no old-timer to ask for directions.

Coker Chronicles will most definitely be present. There are tailgate plans in the works. We shall see, however. What about you?

Quick glance:

There really is a ton of information there. Go there. Come back. Tell us what you will be doing!

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