Failed Photo Essay

I planned to do a little exploring around the Alamodome and downtown and take pictures of it. I did the former and not the latter. Even though I am from San Antonio, I left when I was 18. There is a lot of stuff I haven’t done or looked at since I’ve been gone. St Paul’s square is one. I’ve seen it a few times on trips back home from college and such but never had the time to look closer.


I’ve got to say it looks a lot better driving than actually being there. I guess we are trying to do a Victory Park thing here? We’ve been trying to get Sunset Station to be a destination forever it seems. Remember when it was a nightclub for like five minutes?

I don’t mean to sound like a hater. I’m not. Just slightly disappointed. But not disillusioned. Aldaco’s looks like an alright spot for touristy types. What we need is a beer garden like in Austin. Once we get a season or two under our belts the local entrepreneurs will act accordingly. I mean, there hasn’t been a reliable tenant with a readily defined demographic since the Spurs left for the East Side.

Aldaco’s would be a perfect spot for a beer garden. . .

That whole area has a Live/Work/Play condo feel. What do ya know? There are condos there. I wonder if the few people living there* are cool with the upcoming football atmosphere that is upon them.

* I read in mysa that condos are plentiful thanks to a combination of high prices and stingy financing.

I’m sure that it will suck having to deal with gameday traffic especially if you aren’t digging the whole football thing anyway.

I’d love it. I could tailgate at the pool/condo, walk over to the game, walk back and continue the party whilst everyone else is spending the next hour or so on IH-35.

Hurm. I probably should look into those condos on Commerce . . .

Ruth Chris was not on the agenda for me tonight. I did feel like a beer or three so I stopped over at Alibi’s Sports and Spirits. Being a Monday night, I can’t knock the lack of patrons. The Woman and I had a few beerverages. It was alright. Nice little porch. Made me feel like I was drinking at my grandma’s house or something. The place apparently has the National Conservation and Preservation Something Or Other Stamp O’ Approval. Well, at least that is what the plaque told me. It is a decent little spot according to reviews.

The whole St Paul square area looks cool but also looks like it needs a few years before it matures. Aside from a sweet ass parking spot that I am eyeing, I think I might be spending pre-game on the river or perusing the tailgate spots in the Dome parking lot, yo.

With my camera out of commission and my phone battery low I had to cut short my sojourn/barhop through the area. I’m putting it on the Maybe I’ll Come Back List for now.

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