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Picture courtesy of, thanks for being so courteous

Picture courtesy of, thanks for being so courteous

UTSA basketball has won 3 straight and have an opportunity to keep the streak going against some weak teams. Can they build on this momentum to propel themselves into an unlikely WAC tournament run and NCAA berth?  That may be a stretch, but let’s look at what is left and how that could impact playoff seeding.

Tonight at El Convo, the Runners take on the mighty Redhawks of Seattle, one of the few teams they’ve beaten this year.  Being the senior’s last home game, hopefully the boys will step up and finish the sweep against the last place north-westerners.  The last two regular season games are on the road against future Mountain West schools.  Thursday’s game will be at San Jose State, against a squad who has the same conference record.  The Spartans beat the Runners at home on New Year’s Eve by 13.  This will be a chance for the boys to gain some confidence on the road.  The final game is at Utah State, and will be the most challenging of the remaining games.  USU is 19-8 on the season and has one of the tougher home court advantages in the WAC.  Earlier in the year, UTSA was within one with 5 minutes left, and ended up losing at home.  A win here could propel UTSA into a momentum run.

After a great second half against Idaho this week, perhaps UTSA is ready to make their move.  These last 3 games are winnable and doing so would end the season on a six game winning streak.  Winning these games would present a small possibility that UTSA could move out of the bottom four of the WAC, bypassing Idaho.  This would keep the Runners from being forced to play in the first day of the WAC tournament.  The WAC has 10 teams for basketball, and in the tournament, the bottom four play each other, with the winner getting the traditional 7th and 8th seeds.  There is a lot of value in getting out of that bottom four as you avoid playing the extra game and you would get to play the third seed, instead of the first or second, in the first round.

Can they do it?  Sure why not.  It’s March, a time for miracles, even really far fetched ones.  I want to believe.

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