First Half Update: 20-14 Runners!

It was a slow start to say the least. It looked like U of South Alabama had the Runners on their heels with the up-tempo no-huddle. The UTSA offense didn’t look like it was ready for Season 2 either. The Jags went up 7-0 after getting a nice catch on a streak route over Starling. Then, before UTSA could recover, they quickly got the score on a run up the middle.

It looked like the Jags were going to get their second touchdown until Tristan Wade picked off a Bennett pass in the back of the endzone. That sparked the offense and led to the 58-yard pass-and-catch from Soza to Kam Jones.

On the ensuing kick-off Tristan Wade made another big play by forcing the fumble. UTSA then drove and scored on a Soza pass to Hicks.

After trading punts, the Jags snuck in a TD right before the end of the half.

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