Fool’s Gold?

After pulling off the week one victory at South Alabama, I asked the guys on the podcast, “Ready to predict a 4-0 start?”  Seemed pretty plausible and after beating Georgia State tonight, it looks likely.  No doubt, for an FBS team (even transitional), the front part of the schedule is very light for the beloved Roadrunners.  Georgia State and USA were two schools with just slightly more time playing football than UTSA, and beating the two of them is good for the program.  However, the two initial home games are gimmies, even with McMurry in mind.

So what does it all mean?  What will happen after the 4-0 start, with games in Las Cruces (NMSU) and Houston (Rice)?  Both schools are among the weaker in FBS, and you would think both should dominate a second year program.  Does UTSA really have a chance against either?  At the beginning of the season, my answer was an absolute “No!”.  But I am coming around, I am starting to drink the Kool-Aid.  Am I ready to predict the mighty peckers will win one of these two? Hmmmm, I don’t know, I am getting close.  It will be exciting to see a 4-0 (jinx be damned) squad jump into their first WAC game against their first “real” FBS opponent.

Lets pop some quick hits, because I am a pro at popping quickly…

  • It’s my thought, and whoever was manning the CC twitter account today, that this was UTSA’s best performance of their brief history.  The defense was dominant, with the two scores coming on one fluke play and a late interest lost drive.
  • Soza had some great throws today, especially in first half.  He continues to spread the love, like John Stockton in daisy dukes.
  • You guys thought I bitched about our crowd?  Certainly most of the fans were on the camera side, because if not, the attendance would be about 127 or so.
  • Despite advertising a white out and giving away some stupid ass blinking shades, red was dominate as that was the lower level’s seat color.  Note to UTSA staff, if you do a (place color here) out, make sure (place color here)=blue in the Alamodome.
  • Never enjoyed using Rowdy Zone last year, but today I put it up on the big screen.  Found the video quality tolerable when combined with solid audio, which I received most of game.  However, I am happy that the remaining road games will most likely have traditional TV options.  It was well reported that the NMSU game will be on KCWX, but I am also hearing that talks to do the same with the Idaho game are firming up.
  • After somehow putting a picture of myself in the last two week’s entries, management has instructed me no more pics of my joyful mug.  I have already filed with BUFF (Balding, Ugly, Fat Federation) to pursuit legal action.
  • Oh forgot to mention, guess Tucker Carter may be getting that redshirt, if there were a game to get him some reps, this would have been it.

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