Former UTSA Hoops Coach Brooks Thompson Passes Away

This blog isn’t the right forum to properly eulogize former UTSA head coach Brooks Thompson. I wasn’t familiar with him as a person, nor do I have fun anecdotes about him from my brief time following UTSA basketball closely. Still, his passing warrants a mention here as he was a valuable person in this community for 10 years.

He died this evening after battling organ failure. Ben Baby tweeted the story. It is awful news for his family and sad news for the people he worked with over the last decade.

He took over the UTSA basketball program in 2006 and led the team to their first NCAA tournament win that same year, beating Alabama State in the play-in round. He managed to field some fun and competitive teams over the following years despite working out of a relatively difficult set of circumstances. UTSA does not have the best basketball facilities and certainly not the best basketball arena. The move to CUSA put him in an even tougher position competing with better funded program with more talented teams. He finished his final season 5-27 and was let go.

He was known for his fiery personality on the sidelines that was largely due to the competitive nature that saw him carve out some time in the NBA.

Rest in peace.

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