Give me 5 for Arizona

Here are 5 key players, matchups, and whatever as we head into the biggest opening home game in the long history of this storied UTSA program. And as the recruits love to say on the Twitter when revealing their top 5 schools, “This is in no particular order.”

1. Anu S.

Arizona started a RS Freshman last week and all Anu Solomon did was throw for 400+ yards with 4 tds. A big, strong kid that started for 4 seasons at Bishop Gorman HS in Nevada, Anu isn’t the prototypical Rich Rod QB. Much more of a pocket passer, this may play into the hands of our biggest strength as a team. Putting pressure on the kid in his first ever road start is important. If he’s comfortable in the pocket we are in trouble.

2. David Williams or Jarveon Glasco?

David Glasco and Jarveon Williams combined for 138 yards and 3TD’s. The two teamed up with the big boys up front to completely dominate the 3rd and 4th quarters. Going up against another big play, up tempo team this week, it will be very important to control the trenches and eat up clock.

3. Devonte y Devante

Devonte Boyd and Davante Davis combined for 14 receptions and 200+ yards against UNLV. If we thought we were going to have our hands full going into the UH game, this is a complete nightmare. The UTSA secondary acquited themselves very well against UH. Creating turnovers, keeping the ball in front of them, and being physical once the receivers touched the ball. We must do all of that again if we have any shot to win this game. If these 2 go for 200+ yards receiving it’s going to be along night.

4. Special? Teams

Muffed punts and a missed field goal kept the UH game closer than what it actually was. Normally trustworthy Kenny Harrison lost one punt deep in our own territory and almost lost another. We will need a clean game in all 3 facets of the game if we are to have a chance in this game. UA will take those gifts and cash them in. Our defense is good enough to contain their offense, but will need long fields to do so. Winning the special teams battle is a must. Keep an eye on Jarveon Williams. He’s going to bust one soon.

5. Let ‘Em Burn!

The coaches weren’t afraid to play true freshman against Houston, and burn some red shirts. Marcus Davenport was in on basically every 3rd down, and recorded his first career sack. Kerry Thomas checked in early in the 3rd quarter, and instantly showed his physicality in the blocking game. Nate Gaines had the big hit on the bad punt snap that lead to our first TD. And Stanley Dye acquited himself very nicely late in the game as the UH QB went after him a few times. Keep on eye on these kids Thursday. First home game against and against a Pac12 team. Will the moment be too much?

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