Give me 5 for UH

Here are 5 key players, matchups, and whatever as we head into the biggest opening game in the long history of this storied UTSA program. And as the recruits love to say on the Twitter when revealing their top 5 schools, “This is in no particular order.”

1. Okotcha!

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to call Bennett the most talented football player on the UTSA roster. An instant difference maker once he hit the lineup last season, Bennett got even better as the season progressed. With the deep, talented receiving crew that the COOOOOGS will bring into Friday’s game, Bennett must be the best player on our defense. If he can cover his man one on one and allow the safeties to shade to other parts of the field I like our chances of at least containing their explosive passing game.

2. The Trenches

Quick! What is the best unit on the UTSA squad? I bet 40% of you picked the offensive line, 40% of you picked the defenisve line, and the other 10% of you only watch the skill players. I lean ever so slightly towards our big, nasty, and deep defensive line. Which is a great thing. You see, UH is only returning 2 starters on their offensive line. They are inserting TWO! brand new offensive tackles. The game changes if guys like Ashaad Mabry, Singletary, and Cody Rogers are playing in their backfield.

Now if I told you there was an Oline that only gave up 7 sacks last year without commiting a single holding penalty you’d be impressed, right? What if I told you that entire offensive line returns for UTSA this season? UTSA brings back all 5 (6 if you count Jordan Gray who played a lot last season) guys from one of the most succesfull lines in the nation. UH has a pretty salty defenisve line themselves. I still like our chances to create running room for the Glasco/Williams duo, and to give Tucker Carter enough time to find the open man. If the old axiom that football is won in the trenches holds to be true I’m gonna go ahead and say that I like our chances.

3. Rain, Rain, go away?

Nope. Keep it coming please. Rain forecasts have been fluctuating between 40% and 80%. It’s no secret that UH has a dynamic QB with a cannon of an arm in John O’Korn and a talented receiving corp. UH (and former UTSA) offensive coordinator has made it known that he wants to have one of the fastest offenses in the nation. Cue the rain. If the rain is heavy enough to turn things into a muddy slugfest you have to give UTSA the edge (see #2).

4. Coach Pop for president!

Not just a boss on the recruiting trail (Stanley Dye and Justin Todd were all his) Coach Pop has turned what was a mess of a position group and turned it into a potential strength for us. Go back and watch a few early season games from last season and pay attention only to the corner backs. It wasn’t usually pretty. Obviously getting Bennett back from suspension helped, but the transformation from games 1-5 to games 6-12 is strickingly noticeable. Less blown coverages, more swagger, more success. The same group returns, and if the rate of improvement stays the same we should have pretty good shot at holding our own against the UH passing attack.

5. John O’Korn

If I told you the best QB in the state of Texas played for UH you’d probably snicker. Don’t. O’Korn is a true sophomore with prototypical QB size, a cannon for an arm, and the ability to get out of the pocket and make plays. He continually extended plays against us last season, and getting him down on first contact has to be the most important aspect of the game for our front 7. If we do allow him time in the pocket this game isn’t even close. He, and his receivers, are too damn good. If John O’Korn is the best football player on the field Friday UTSA is in trouble.

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