Inspecting the first official UTSA football roster

Usually seen as a team-killer, the majority of the attrition UTSA has “suffered” since the release of its first official roster has been a benefit. Following the sudden and mysterious departure of starting offensive tackle Drew Phillips, only 36% of those 69 players are still on the roster. Sure, the losses of dudes like Phillips and Marlon Smith hurt, but the overwhelming majority of losses are non-DI talent from the likes of undersized and slow walk-ons. Comparing walk-ons from two years ago to legitimate DI athletes like Aaron Grub and Jerry Bynum is pretty hard to do. Additionally, many of the players that have been dismissed were trouble-makers or suffered from poor attitudes. Team chemistry is always important, but incredibly more-so on a fragile start-up program.

Most interesting to me is some of the insane size changes these guys have seen. Defensive tackle Richard Burge has gone from 235 pounds to 275! Crosby Adams added an inch of height and 15 pounds. Cole Hubble is up 20 pounds. 25 pounds for Earon Holmes. The list goes on and on.

There were quite a few noticable position changes on the most current roster. Walk-on Cade Laufer has moved from QB to TE. Baylor transfer Robert Singletary will wisely try to see the field at defensive end next year. All-district Houston running back Jerry Bynum will join the Roadrunners as a wide receiver.

Side note: Noticed Jeremy Hall is missing from the roster and depth chart. Judging from his Twitter account, he still seems to be active on the team. If I were to guess he needs to pass a summer class to regain eligibility before he can get back on to the field, and that may be the case for several player. Hall’s absence is good news for new comers like Maurice Poullard, Ja’len James, and Tre Rosser. Walk-on CB Godwin Wyche is also off the roster. Not sure if he’s still playing or not. Those are precious reps for guys that need to prove their worth before the season starts.

Sit tight for another two weeks until summer classes end, and pray Drew Phillips is a temporary academic casualty.

Side note deux: Pfleugerville Connally LB Michael Egwuagu plans to commit to UTSA next week. Hat tip to Javi on that one.


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