Isaac and South Alabama

Both teams have an open date on Oct. 6 and the game could be rescheduled then, but that is considered the final possibility by South Alabama officials. Making such a move would forced the Jaguars to play all 13 of their games in 13 consecutive weeks, meaning they would not have an open date during the longest season in the program’s history.


I have a feeling — this is just me talking here — that the game will be moved to Monday. It puts the most time in between the storm hitting and the game without having to stick the Jags with a tough schedule. This is of course assuming that the storm won’t cause catastrophic damage.

The game really is the least concerning thing to many who live in the area and will have to deal with some major issues in the coming week. Hope everything comes out okay.

We’ll still attempt to have the watching party whenever the game is held. Follow the twitters and the forums for more, people.

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