Link Post — Morning Browsing 1.29.14

The offseason makes me sad and yet allows me to catch up on non-football happenings. I’ve watched way more movies than I did during the fall* for example. What I haven’t done is watch any UTSA basketball. Not many have. Is the school a “football school” now? Was it ever a basketball school? Hint: no.

Inside UTSA discusses this in the Monday weekly post.

I don’t do Rivals so I don’t know what goes on beyond the paywall on the pay boards. Luckily (?) there are free boards like CSNBBS. Where no one posts. The CUSA board there is more active and has a smattering if interesting stuff from a basketball perspective.

RowdyTalk rationalizes the commits bolting.

Twitter says the Blogger Formerly Known As Shafer is Back. What does this mean???

MYSA’s Jerry Briggs had a nice little write up a couple days ago.

Finally, one more yelp about the resurrected forum. It is at the point I wanted it to be two years ago. Which is about 1.5 years too late. Haha. I’m still happy with it.

*Speaking of which, Deranged Pengwinwill be going through all the Best Picture nominees.

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