Link Post: Morning Browsing Friday 10.18.13

Welcome to the Bye Week. It not only provides a respite for the players and coaches to reflect on the season, rejuvenate, and so something else on Saturday beside play football, it lets us fans do the same.

This Saturday is the perfect time to hang out with your wife/gf/chick on the side and like, go do whatever it is they like. For some, this will be a Saturday where you can actually, you know, read that book for that test on Monday.

So what is going on on in the UTSA universe? Let’s take a look around and see what we can find.

MySA: Ol’ Jerrah Briggs over there interviewed Larry Coker to get a pulse on the team over the bye. Mood is good, ya’ll. No Rice, or 3-game Losing Streak hangover.

“These guys are hungry,” Coker said. ”They’re competitive. They want to win. So we got to make sure we do the right things (with the off week).

“But the mood’s been good. Not bad at all. And we’re not going to accept anything less. If they want to be moody and pout they can go someplace else.”

InsideUTSA: Those of you who are subscribers likely know what is going on over there. Those of you who aren’t will have to grab the 7-day free trial available. Let me know if it is kewl.

CSNBBS: This is still an on-going concern, apparently. From my very unscientific sampling of the fare, there are a lot of lists, lots of gambling talk, and a ton of prediction threads. So pretty much your standard message board scuttle.

RowdyTalk: Speaking of message boards, there is this thread on RT where they ogle the new student who wrangles the mascot. The most frustrating thread was the one where one guy talked endlessly about the RICE MOB but didn’t explain what the hell happened. I wanted to see the hilarity in person, but I was caught in the (San Antonio) river of humanity in the Bird Dome at halftime. Silly me.



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