Link Roundup 8/17/2011 Kangaroos and Tubas Edition

Tyler Wood + Koala

17 days ’til football… the ball is rolling

Roadrunners Down Under: The Australia Chronicles (Day 6) []

UTSA continues their trip abroad, suffering an 84-25 beat down to the Cairns Taipans, a member of Australia’s top level of professional basketball. It’s pretty cool to check out how different the sport is in other countries. The blaring music during the games makes the Australian league sound like a future destination for washed-up members of the 2004 Pistons championship team. And their infamous PA guy. I love this line from Kyle Stephens– “Speaking of music, the person running the Clik-FX laptop successfully found the “Beep-Beep” sound byte from that famous Warner Brothers cartoon (or someone from Texas State sent it over). It was played more than once.” Honestly, the best part of this running blog is the awesome, embarrassing pictures of players that I’m archiving for once the season starts. Hit the link above for a full recap of Day 6 of the trip.
UTSA’s new marching band tuning up for halftime []

I was very excited to watch the marching band practice for a few minutes on campus today. They surprised me with how crisp all of their movements are and the size of the band. Ron Ellis was able to corral over 200 members in just a few months. Now about those god awful uniforms

Yahoo! Sports report alleges rampant improprieties at Miami – Dan McCarney []

I have not been contacted by either the NCAA or the University of Miami, so I am not aware of the details of either organization’s investigation. Compliance issues have always been of utmost importance to me throughout my career. Since I have not been contacted by either the NCAA or Miami, it would be inappropriate for me to discuss any alleged rules violations at another university. – Larry Coker

Well, that’s pretty much where we’re at right now. Yahoo! has mountains and mountains of evidence without a single mention of Larry Coker anywhere so I’m not too worried. In my (perhaps ignorant) opinion, if Coker was involved in this whole shitstorm then his name would be popping up and Shapiro would be dragging him through the mud. None of that so far. 100+ hours of interviews and 20,000+ documents and no incriminating evidence on Larry Coker. Let’s stay tuned to this issue though.

Oh and congrats to UTSA for selling its 10,000th season ticket

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