Link Roundup 8/31/2011 Three More Days

Photo courtesy of the Express News. Love the wide angle lens. Get rowdy.

Quick hitter tonight for you guys. Northeastern uploaded a video highlight of their romp of Bacone College, who look even more miserable than I could have ever imagined.

RiverHawks Update — NSU vs Bacone Football — August 27, 2011 from Northeastern State University TV on Vimeo.

First thing of note is all of the screens and swing passes NSU ran. Very smart choice by the Riverhawks, given their advantage in speed. Taking Bacone’s lack of size into consideration, I’m sure that the Warriors were blitzing linebackers and members of the secondary to compensate for their lack of a pass rush, consequently freeing up passes behind or along the line of scrimmage.

Trey McVay is the real deal. Great routes, strong hands, and seems to have good field vision. It will be a great test to see if the Roadrunners will be able to lock him down. Kenny Davis has great mechanics under center. UTSA is going to have to get into the backfield with frequency to prevent Davis from getting into a passing groove.

Bacone is every bit as bad as I had feared, which makes their game against NSU that much harder to read into.


A lot of cool stories and tidbits around the web concerning UTSA today. First off, have a look at this photo gallery from the Express News showing the Alamodome maintenance staff painting the turf for UTSA’s season.

Nate Leonard – Photo courtesy of the Express News.

Brandon Reeves and Nate Leonard both had profiles run in the Express this week. I really love Nate’s quote: “Swagger is all about your attitude,” he said. “You don’t have to dress a swagger or talk a swagger. But when you walk onto the field in blue and orange, you damn well better have a swagger. Excuse my language.”

That’s pretty bad ass, and Nate is a rad dude. Excuse my language.

If you missed the Larry Coker radio show this evening, feel free to pursue our Twitter feed for some tidbits I found interesting. Head over to for a full .mp3 of the show.

Dan McCarney has been busting his ass all week. He recently interviewed Northeastern’s head coach, Kenny Evans. Evans is a great coach who inherited a shitty situation and seems to have NSU on the right track. Evidently he and Coach Coker are friends; I found the advice Coker gave Evans after his hire at NSU fairly interesting. You can find all that in the interview link.

It’s going to be tough for Northeastern to prepare for this game since they haven’t a millisecond of film on UTSA.

With no game film to study, Northeastern State will try to keep things basic on Saturday.

“We’re preparing for everything,” Evans said. “Of course, we’ve looked at things their coordinators have done at past places. But we’re having to prepare more broadly, so wee’re going to have to keep things simple and try to avoid mistakes. It’s unusual. There will be things we see for the first time, and we know that. We’ll have to adjust on the run.”

And my favorite iota of the short interview..

True freshman Logan Andrews will start at outside linebacker. Evans said Andrews had never played in front of more than 500 people before last week’s 43-0 victory over Bacone, let alone the tens of thousands expected at the Alamodome.

Hopefully Andrews, and others on the Riverhawks squad, will be a bit star-struck playing in front of a nearly sold-out Alamodome.

3 days until kick off.

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