Link Roundup: Fall Camp 2011 Edition

Dan McCarney, the intrepid beat writer for the San Antonio Express News has an update for us. 

Most interesting part (to me):

Marlon Smith, E; Dominique Henderson, T; Ferrington Macon, T; William Ritter, E; Steven Kurfehs, LB; Brandon Reeves, LB; Darrien Starling, CB; Crosby Adams, CB; Nic Johnston, S; Mark Waters, S; Shane Jones, S.
Drew Phillips, LT; Scott Inskeep, LG; Nate Leonard, C; Mike Sanchez, RG; Cody Harris, RT.
Skill positions shuffled around too much to identify a particular group, but Eric Soza (obviously) was at quarterback.

Early Fearless Prediction: I think the defense will be pretty decent and may win some games. Soza is impressing people with his poise and now has two years preparation. If Travis Bush can mold the offensive squad into something that can muster up 17-21 points per game I think that is a recipe for 4-6 wins.

I really have no basis for this. Just call it a gut feeling. I may be spectacularly wrong.

The defensive starters will no doubt change as camp and the season moves along. There you have the initial camp starting squad, however. Mark it down. Tell your kids when UTSA brings home a bowl victory or two.

UTSA Tailgaters has their predictions in SA Scene.

Post practice from Dan McCarney:

Just to hammer home another point I’ve been trying to make recently, another big theme to watch during camp – and the entire season, really — will be who the Roadrunners keep on the sideline with redshirts. It’s going to be critical that they preserve enough of this year’s class to prevent them from graduating half the team when their eligibility expires in four years.

This really will be interesting. If one of those sophomores are redshirted –which undoubtedly one or two will be — then that will be two straight years of gamelessness. That has to be tough and may be cause to leave for some.

One other thing of note: the lack of JUCOs. Without having any firsthand knowledge of the reason they didn’t choose to come, I have to think they just didn’t want to be part of a growing program with a limited number of years remaining. It would be “wasted” on a most-certain losing campaign. These are the problems you face when you build a program.

Coker Chronicles:

Helpful post on the Scout Board correcting our information about the school’s lease at the Dome. Interesting stuff. Biggest surprise? UTSA will get no money from concessions or parking. Depending on the school’s take during the next five years that may be something that comes up in negotiations. More likely is that if these games are heavily attended, we just might see a rise in ticket prices. That is all just future talk, though.

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