Losing in Lake Charles: UTSA 21-McNeese St 24

The last time UTSA lost 24-21 it was to a team they should have probably beaten handily. That was September 10th. Nearly two months to the day that they dropped a decision to McMurray. This was another underachievement to another McTeam.

There is a tendency to dismiss this game like some of the others. I have been guilty of it at times. People say the losses don’t matter as much because they are not really playing for anything. It is true that they don’t matter but they shouldn’t be played as such.

That is the Big Challenge. We’ve mentioned it in this space before and probably will continue to do so. I cannot say for certain that guys on the team are checking out or not playing as hard or are pulling up with the finish line in sight. I do know that without senior leadership nor guys who have had to endure a full college season it seems likely that there would be fatigue in both the mental and physical varieties.

College football is a man’s game. It is mean and tough and usually takes three years to get built up to have success. Sure there are the guys that hop in and kick ass as 17 or 18-year olds. There are many more that need time in the weight rooms.

Maybe that accounts for the way Eric Soza seemingly has regressed. Maybe that accounts for all the arm tackles that allowed McNeese to rip through them for 190+ yards in the first half. * Maybe that accounts for all the fumbles, too.

*To be fair, Neal Neathery did some strategizing that stopped the bleeding and returned the Hardhat to the defense.

It is fantasy-shattering for some. No doubt it has and will affect attendance at the last home game. It already messed with the last one. None of that matters though. The “fans” have the luxury of being fickle and can wait until the team is good, playing for “something” or against a big name team.

The fact is that none of it matters. Sure there was a chance to capitalize on the initial excitement and fervor. Going a possible 4-6 with mostly freshman is impressive. The losses were freshman type losses. Turnovers, experience mistakes, being overwhelmed physically, and getting injured. Oh and losing to teams that they should beat.

There is a lot to look forward to. Not just next year but this week. I am excited to see Kam Jones do his thing like he has been doing live and not on a crappy internet feed. The dude has been killing it and Travis Bush has been getting it into his hands and putting him in space to do damage. Jailbreak screens, crossing routes, pitches.

How about Steven Kurfehs and Nic Johnson? Larry Coker thinks the former can play NFL ball and Nic Johnson is always making plays, yo. Also it is live college football for like fifteen bucks.

I know most of you who read this blog and post on rowdyville and rowdytalk are not hopping off the bandwagon but I needed to say it anyway.

Oh yeah and dammit I want some fireworks during the intros.

Go Runners.

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