Max Flores LB (Yuba CC)

Linebacker Max Flores of Yuba Community College tweeted tonight that he was nearing a UTSA offer. With defensive stalwart Brandon Reeves graduating this year, it looks like defensive coordinator Neal Neathery will reach into the JUCO ranks to find a replacement before high school linebacker commits Kenneth O’Neal, Michael Egwuagu, and Marcos Curry are ready to start in Conference USA. Flores is the total package– big, athletic, quick, and football smart. Standing at 6’1″, 220 pounds, Flores can still dash 40 yards in the 4.5 second range. There are several videos of Flores displaying his athleticism, from a 52 inch plyometric leap to 21 reps of 225 on bench press. Not just a weight room gladiator, the athletic linebacker shows a lot of Division I promise on his highlight film. Flores knows how to play to contact at the line of scrimmage and is well-prepared to fight through blocks.

Flores was an extremely decorated two-way player at his Northern Californian high school where he played wide receiver and free safety. Flores reminds me of current UTSA LB/SS Steven Kurfehs who roamed the secondary in high school but ended up moving to linebacker thanks to his weight room dedication. The ball-hawking instincts you mold playing in the secondary don’t leave when you move into the tackle box, you just have another ~15 pounds of muscle to tack on.

According to his Twitter profile, UTSA is waiting to verify that Flores will be a December enroll or not, which makes a ton of sense if they would like him to start at Hawk in replacement of Reeves. Flores would need some time to learn the system and adjust to the 4-2-5 Neathery defense. Looking at some tape of Yuba CC, they seem to run some pretty exotic defenses, so I’m sure Flores wouldn’t have much of a problem picking up the 4-2-5 if he were to sign.

As a side note, the fact that Flores is being considered for an offer seems to confirm my suspicion that UTSA is looking to convert either Egwuagu or Curry, or both, to a strong safety. There’s just no way that UTSA would be willing to take four linebackers in a small recruiting class.

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