More MWC Rumor Reaction

Shafer already wrote something on this. Go read it. I’ll wait. Done? Okay. When MTSU and FAU were added to the new CUSA, some complained (some who write for this blog) about the eastern focus of this new league. I can’t say I had anything more that speculation about Tulsa and UTEP heading west, but I felt it in my bones. There was something about Boise and SDSU going to a shaky Big East that felt unstable. A new MWC seemed and seems inevitable.

You can put me firmly in the camp that thinks these mega-conferences are unsustainable for those who aren’t traditional name schools. That means everyone not in what we have called BCS for the last ten years. There simply isn’t enough money to maintain the travel logistics for a long period. There are plenty of promises of big TV contracts and lots of potential money from a potential BCS appearance. See, but you don’t give an IOU to the plane charter when you pay for a trip out west. There were a lot of reasons for the Big East breaking up but that potential money sure didn’t keep anyone around. Especially Boise.

For UTSA, association with big names like Boise, Houston, SMU are good for recruiting, exposure, and fan’s ability to travel. I know I keep harping on that point — I do it because it is important. There is nothing that can build fan loyalty than ease of access. Ask any old time baseball fans from SA if they have a soft spot for St. Louis or Atlanta. Why you think that is? Could it be because STL had games broadcast on the radio this far south or perhaps because ATL had TBS showing games nightly? Happens.

Like Shafer, I can’t see any way the Runners lose here. MWC will be a bit more costly, but with more TV exposure ( and the good tv — not those standard def channels )  and some cache. CUSA, despite being slightly less prestigious, still has regional rivals. Best of all? CUSA’s lower tier allows UTSA to compete for championships much quicker.

Things are looking good in 2013 ya’ll.

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