Name Change

I briefly made mention that we had a kerfuffle with the UT-System Legal Department on account of who knows what. The result of this situation was a Cease & Desist letter from the legal department, an attempt at clearing up confusion had by the compliance department, and a meeting with Shafer’s favorite lady ever: Lynn Hickey herself.

What resulted from our little lunch meeting was this: I agreed to change the name of this little blog from Coker Chronicles to . . . something else. I haven’t decided what that’ll be. It was a difficult choice a year and change ago when I started this little endeavor. Thankfully Jared offered the suggestion, saving this from being called UTSAFOOTBALLTIMEYA’LL or some-such nonsense.

In the mean time I am taking suggestions. Rules: I want to avoid Runner, Rowdy, UTSA, and am leaning away from Birds. Anything else is fair game. The winning submission will get drinks on me. If for some reason you don’t drink or something (who ARE you?) we’ll figure something out.

In the meantime leave your suggestions in the comments below or in the Forum.

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