Northwestern State Demons Preview

In a midweek tilt, UTSA will host Northwestern State (9-8) in the Convo on Wednesday in an attempt to continue a three game winning streak against the Demons. While it’s easy to peak ahead on the schedule to the huge rivalry match up with Texas State on Saturday, NSU is an opponent worthy of plenty of attention. Led by 2011 NCAA blocked shot champion William Mosley, the Demon’s paint isn’t a place where you want to be careless with the ball. This year Mosley should pose a bigger problem than usual for the ‘Runners. In the past, Brooks Thompson has had a big body 5 that he could latch to Mosley (DeMarco Stepter, Larry Wilkins). Now he has to pick from Vouyoukas, Hill, Iggy, and… While Vouyoukas will certainly pick up MosleyTime early, he has seen a fairly early hook from Thompson throughout the season. Assuming this trend continues, there’s going to be a lot of time where the Roadrunners are left with Jeromie Hill, who could be mistaken for a street light pole, and Igor Nujic who probably couldn’t bench press half of Mosley’s weight. If I’m in charge of the squad for this game, Stephen Franklin is going to be guarding Mosley for a good 20 minutes at least. No other player besides Vouyoukas has the sheer strength to avoid getting bodied all night. Franklin can also hold his own on the boards to prevent a carousel of second-chance points for Northwestern State.

The Demons are tremendous rebounders– they ring in at third in the conference in total rebounds, while their opponents are dead last in rebounding. That’s what you call filling the paint. NSU also excels at getting to the charity stripe where they shoot a mere 60%. So if the occasion arises where UTSA needs to foul the Demons to crawl back into a game then there’s a pretty decent shot that the ‘Runners will end up pulling it out. 6’0 guard Shamir Davis leads the Demons in scoring at 13.8 per game. Northwestern really spreads their offense around, as you can see from their scoring distribution on the top line of this here chart.

There really isn’t much to look into with this team. Honestly, they’re about as average as you can get statistically. They’ve got thrashed by good teams and beat bad teams. Just straight up mediocracy. Their best win of the year was against Arkansas Little Rock. It’s worth noting that Northwestern State stuck it to Texas State this year, handing them an 83-68 defeat. Obviously that’s a good sign for the Roadrunners who will travel into hostile territory in San Marcos on Saturday, but more of that to come later this week. In their last outing the Demons suffered a surprise upset in their home gym at the hands of the horrible Central Arkansas Sugarbears. We can definitely relate after that TAMUCC game.

Today’s game will be the 400th game in El Convo, where the Roadrunners boast a 277-122 all-time record. 15 of those wins have come against Northwestern State.

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