Picking and Choosing: Spring Practice Report

We certainly can make up any kind of storyline from a single scrimmage in March. The easy one is to call for Eric Soza’s benching after a slightly pedestrian performance at scrimmage number 2.

His stats: 5/11 79 yards and a score.

Tucker Carter: 9/16 for 152 and a score.

Ryan Polite: 7/14 for 142 and a score.

Hurm. The second-year returning starter had the least-impressive outing statistically speaking??! Yes. There are certainly mitigating circumstances that no doubt played a part in the …

… you know what? It is spring. I can’t be angry, now. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are ducks chilling out at the pool. This isn’t the time to get angry and start yelling. What are we? Bostonites?


It isn’t something to ignore, either. File this away under Things To Remember. We now have some evidence that the backup guys can play a little bit. At worst, it will be kindling for a firestorm of internet yelling. At best, it means we might have a couple of decent quarterbacks on the roster.

In other news: David Glasco, El Magnifico himself, tore off a 75-yard scamper. Evans looked good catching and running. Apparently the line was decent. Sweet.

Spring Game is April 15th.

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