Research Time: Pre-2013 2014 Preview

Research Time: Pre-2013 2014 Preview

Football is nearly here. Everyone, including Larry Coker himself, has been tweeting as much.

I’ve been doing my homework for the season. Reading the magazines, the websites, the twitters and leaning closer to the Mill of Rumour to get the latest. As an hungry UTSA fan I’m sure you have as well. No doubt you’ve noticed the trends in all these looks ahead:

  • Tough Year
  • Pass defense is shaky
  • So surprising
  • Losses to San Jose St, Utah St, Rice, LaTech are a taste of what is to come

This is all pretty obvious stuff. Another thing evident in the last three years has been the relatively low expectations for the program. Contrary to the extreme homers, this isn’t because of any special bias against the program but rather the very low regard for startups. UTSA has consistently bucked those trends, however. Setting attendance records, leveling up to CUSA so quickly, and winning eight games when most predicted three or less are the three things that come to mind.

There are some pundit types that do seem to have it out for the program however. Instead of adjusting expectations, they create excuses. “Sure they won 8 when I predicted 3 but did you see who they played?” As if the schedule was dynamically created as the season went on.

Still, given the circumstances, this might be the year the nay-sayers are correct. That isn’t saying much. Given enough time everyone dies, so predicting ‘death’ every year will yield at least one correct ‘prediction.’ That said given the Runners’ expectation-defying trend I’m not sure we won’t see a ‘surprising’ year.

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