Retiring Soza’s Jersey

After begging you guys for participation for months, today we finally have a guest post to share with you from our buddy John-Michael. JM is one of the funniest Roadrunner fans I have had the privilege of meeting. Be sure to follow him on Twitter to see where I’m coming from. If anyone else has some hot sports takes to get off their chest please send it to Adam or I. We want this to be a collaborative space. Without further ado, here’s JM’s thoughts on #8’s legacy.


I want this to happen. I want no other quarterback in the history of UTSA football to be able to wear #8, simply because no other player will ever do that jersey justice like Eric Soza has. We will obviously see more talented UTSA QB’s that will statistically blow him out of the water in the years to come. But Soza took this team under his belt and became one hell of a leader. This kid has brass balls. He proposed to his gf after the Texas State game in the middle of the crowd. He probably rides a unicorn to class everyday. And his 2 tackles against Tulane (the first was brutal. He flipped the dude and caused a fumble) are a perfect representation of his unmatched effort and hustle for this team.

So what do yall think? Should we email Lynn Hickey, Romo, and Coker about this and make them realize just how much he means to this fanbase, wonderful university, and the city?


I definitely agree with JM. UTSA needs to go above and beyond to commemorate the first group of athletes recruited to start this program from scratch: Soza, Leonard, Kurfehs, Starling, Glasco, Adams, Harris, Inskeep, Burge, etc. All of these guys took huge risks to come to a program with nothing to its name but a vision. These guys busted their collective ass to exceed that vision and provide fans, alumni, and students a top-notch Division I program to cheer for. Obviously you can’t retire all of these numbers (Soza should be the exception here) but how do you honor this legacy of sacrifice and hard work? I think once UTSA has completed construction on the Park West practice facility these pioneers of UTSA football should be remembered with some type of monument or plaque. A type of Howard’s Rock knock off that players touch before trotting out to practice could serve as a daily reminder to work exhaustively and selflessly in practice.

On a semi-related note, would the Alamodome even allow UTSA to hang players’ jerseys from the rafters? While the Alamodome isn’t a UTSA-owned facility, one would think that 20+ year deal would allow for such benefits.

How would you guys chose to honor UTSA football legends?

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