Rice 27 UTSA 21 - 10.12.13

Rice 27 UTSA 21 – 10.12.13

I don’t know why Rowdy was wearing a life preserver and carrying a brief case. I also don’t know what ails the offense. I do know that only twenty-five thousand or so people showed up to the game, according to the announcers. That was – depending on your perspective – a good number considering the Red River Rivalry game that day. This is still a town with a good number of Texas fans, no matter what HEB calls it.

That 25k? That number is tops in CUSA this week, beating out UTEP and UNT’s home numbers by about three or four thousand, respectively.

Attendance Numbers 10/12/13

School Attendance
UTSA 25,272
UTEP 22,158
NT 21,171
FAU 19,760
FIU 15, 696
Tulane 15,157
[according to Espn.com ]

I’d take those numbers every week.

The worst part of this loss wasn’t the resulting three game deficit to Rice in the conference West division. No, it was the dreadfully boring first half. To this point, whatever the record, or the opponent, UTSA has been able to boast an entertaining product. Famously against Okie St they put up good numbers, lots of yards and bunches of points. In the first half against Houston two weeks ago, they went toe-to-toe until falling apart in the third.

This week? Eh.

That’s not to say we all should abandon ship. Just that it is probably time to reassess season goals. 2-5, 1-2 with five more to play. Sure, much chatter concerns Eric Soza and his position at starter. He won’t be benched. Something has to be done to open up the offense, however. The run game was pretty good but the passing game wasn’t there at all. There were drops, bad routes, bad throws, and bad play calls. With no threat of stretching the field, either vertically or horizontally, there simply is too much pressure for guys to drive methodically down the field. It wasn’t until late, that some attempts down the field were successful. In that final quarter, Soza threw for 138 of his 170 yards including his longest of the day to Bias for 38 yards.

If we play the blame game here then we’ll name the passing game which poses little threat despite sporting a senior QB and a nice little complement of wide receivers, and the kicking game, which was terrible. Kicker Seas Ianno was woeful Saturday from a makable distance, missing two from 40-49.

Sean Ianno Career Stats
Year From 40-49 yards
2011 4-5
2012 2-4
2013 1-3
Total 7-12

It was one of those days. There is a whole bye week to sit and think about it before UAB comes into the Bird Dome. Everything will look a bit different then, injuries will heal some, perspective will be had. QB Eric Soza and Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown can think up some new ways to get the ball down the field.

Hell, maybe the student section will turn up and wont’ make JP Williams have shake his head on a Vine.

As it was, there is no reason to freak out. The program still is in good hands and overall, has an entertaining product. The guys fight for every yard and the coaches more or less know what they are doing. If you hit up the tailgates or the bars and things, you can see the seeds planted three and four years ago sprouting some buds. There is a burgeoning culture. Kids who voted ‘yes’ for UTSA football are coming to the games, seeing what exactly they voted for now three years later. High school kids are graduating having had dream of scoring TDs in the Bird Dome in front of their friends and family.

Things are looking up, Saturday’s result notwithstanding. Soon this game will be regulated to the archives, long forgotten, and I still won’t know why Rowdy was wearing a life-preserver and carrying a brief case.

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