Road Trip Thoughts from Matty

Thanks to long-term CC reader Matty of TailgateSA for submitting some of his thoughts on the road trip to Denton. Anyone that wimped out due to the weather missed an awesome weekend.


The Drive

As long as you don’t head North on your way home, it’s not too bad a drive.  We made a point to leave early Saturday so that we didn’t have to rush through the winter weather, but it really wasn’t all that bad.  We hit some wet stuff, but nothing slippery.  Definitely an every other year trip for the wife and me.


Didn’t get to explore much, but we did head to their downtown area after the game.  Had a nice dinner at Sweetwater Tavern.  Outside of that, it looked like Texas.  That’s always a plus.

Editorial addition from Jared – I’ll comment a little bit here since I made the trip up a day earlier and was able to make a few rounds on Fry Street. Accompanied by Juan (UTSAMarineVet), John (IrishRowdy), Brian (RowdyAlum), and a few other friends, I had some, scratch that, too many drinks at Lucky Lou’s and Riprocks. Was able to get a pitcher of Deschutes Black Butte Porter at Riprocks for $13, which I thought was a fantastic deal. Lucky Lou’s had double Jim Bean & Coke for $4 but their bartenders were quite liberal with their pours so it was practically a triple drink that got the best of me. Every UNT student that we met was awesome, with the exception of a frat guy that told Brian to fuck off for wearing UTSA gear. That aside, I really can’t stress how cool all of the other kids we met were. One guy even ditched his group of friends to hang out with us and talk UNT football.

Apogee Stadium

A solid CUSA stadium.  It’s no Sun Bowl, but it’s new and shiny. set up a group buy, and we took over section 204 and ran off any UNT fan that was within a section of us.  It was a truly great experience.  Parking in the old stadiums parking lot is first come first served, and the UTSA contingent were definitely the first to come.  We had a HUGE group out tailgating in the elements.  It was awesome.  Didn’t get a chance to wander through much of the UNT tailgate, but I will say it was pretty non existent in the lot we were in.

UNT Fans

WEAK!  And i truly mean that.  They were WEAK.  Only time they ever got loud was on 3rd down after the PA guy asked for it.  Their band is legit, and even they didn’t get the crowd going.   Our group on the home side showed them what real fans do during the game.  We were loud and we were proud.  After our 3rd TD we had a 5 minute UT…SA chant going that had every player on the UNT sideline looking at us.  Hope we were loud on TV.  Our band brought the goods as well.  I’m glad we were on the opposite side from them, easier to appreciate the great work they were doing all game.

The Game

Almost perfect.  Finish a few of those 1st half drives with points and it’s a rout.  Soza misses some passes, but he has balls of steel.  Watching him stay in the pocket and deliver big 3rd passes in important situations was truly impressive.  Evans Okotcha gets my game ball though.  That is a REALLY good UNT front 7.  He ran hard and NEVER went down on first contact.  Mike pointed out that he didn’t have 1 negative run all game.  That’s huge.  Shoutout to the line also.  What a day of work for those guys.  Dominated in the trenches.

I really don’t know what to say about the defense other than WOW!  After the Rice game, I could argue (and i’d be right) that we are the best defense playing in CUSA right now.  Kurfehs and Mabry better be 1st team all conference.  Otherwise, the team is worthless.  Okotcha, Adams, STARLING, and the entire CB crew are playing a brand of football we haven’t seen from our CB’s in our short history.  Swagger, physicality, and finishing plays.  Give Coach Pop (and every other coach) a big raise.  If you watch Mike Egwuagu and don’t get a football boner you aren’t watching close enough.  This is an NFL player waiting to happen.

Final Thoughts

I know it’s not easy for everyone to do, but make a point to get to an away game some day.  It’s a completely different experience.  The opposing fans, the fact that all UTSA fans are packed together in a single section, the us against them mentality, showing them that we may be new but we know our shit.  It’s a truly awesome experience.

Jared, Javi, John Otwell, Mike Craven, Juan, Brian, The FatBoys, Shafer (even though he flaked) etc are the guys you want to watch your team win with.  Passionate fans liquored up and ready to roar.  Loved every minute of it, and can’t wait to do it again. Traditions start on the road, I’m sure of it.


It was really freaking COLD

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