Safety Belt


Ah, realignment, just can’t break away from it.  Sounds like San Diego State will be back in the MWC by Friday.  That’s the day the Big East is meeting and will be discussing their future plans, which most likely kills the far west expansion idea and national conference.  Big East could end up pulling as many as three more Conference USA teams, which in turn means more Sunbelt teams to CUSA.

So the question of the day is…Is there any value in just killing off the Sunbelt?  Right now the Sunbelt is sitting at just 8 teams, Commissioner Karl Benson seems content to watch and see how things are going to progress.  When it is time for the Sunbelt to move, they will be calling up FCS schools.  If CUSA dwindled down, to say, 11 schools, picking off the Sunbelt would be one less mouth to feed in the newly termed “group of five”.  Such a plan could or could not include Georgia State who is scheduled to start their transition next to the FBS level.

It’s ugly, it includes Lousiana University (I’m nice), Louisiana Monroe, South Alabama, Troy, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State and Texas State.  It creates insanely tight geographical conference.  Eighteen teams is a lot, and it really looks like a bloated Southland Conference ghost.  Louisiana Tech would despise it as would all the older CUSA schools.

Bottom line, the winners of a scenario that killed off the Belt would not be Conference USA.  It would be MWC and Big East, oh and sometimes the MAC.  The pie would get cut into four pieces instead of five, so each conference would appear to get more.  Only Conference USA would have more mouths to feed, dividing that larger pie into smaller individual pieces.

Most likely, Big East grabs a few, CUSA grabs a few and Sunbelt pulls up a few.  Big East is new CUSA.  CUSA is new Sunbelt. Sunbelt is the ultimate joke.  I do think the Sunbelt should be killed off, but not at the expense of my team’s conference.  Doesn’t sound like UTSA is on the list for MWC or Big East, so we just have to stick it out.


Thought on a few Leinenkugels that are very different…Drank a six pack of Snowdrift Vanilla Porter a few weeks back.  The concept sounded awesome, like a cream soda.  I quickly learned that I am not a fan of porters, the sweet vanilla wasn’t enough to complement (or relieve) that dark beer taste.  A young man introduced me to another variety called Sunset Wheat, which was quite delightful.  It is deemed fruity pebbles beer, and while fruity, that fruitiness is not overpowering as it is with the Berry Weise.  The Berry Weise (not Storage Wars guy) tastes like a straight up wine cooler.  I am not drinking wine coolers unless Bruce Willis is coming by with his harmonica.

On the way home from the Alamo Bowl, my wife was nice enough to stop at a brand new Valero so I could pick up some beer.  I was real excited to check out this new fancy store and see what their selection was because I knew they had a walk in beer section.  My drunk ass walks up to this mini Disneyland and am immediately impressed that it has an automatic door.  Well, the automatic door was kind of old school like HEB had growing up, where you had to stand on the matt for it to detect your weight and swing open, but it was an automatic door regardless (I think La Fiesta still has those).  So I walk into this arctic beer room to find a full wall, of Bud Light, another half a wall of Miller Lite and yet another half wall of Cooooooooors Light.  As a guy on a beer orgy quest, what the fuck is that?  If you have a cool room like that, put some damn variety in there!


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