State of the Union – Week Five

So, the Birds are 1-3 after poleaxing Houston, “hanging valiantly” with Okie State and the Arizona Wildcats, and dropping a winnable game at Florida Atlantic. What does that tell us about the 2014 Roadrunners?


A late September valentine to one Mister Eric Soza. He didn’t have the arm or size typically desired at the division-one level, but his moxie and on field leadership is missed by all those clothed in orange-and-blue. While his feats as Runner QB should be celebrated, he is busy talking prospective student athletes into attendance at the University of Houston. I believe his Number 8 goes in the rafters at the Dome someday and Eric’s the one proven leader UTSA has had taking snaps. The lack of inherent leadership as signal caller right now is showing. Maybe he can sell cars for Big Orange Sports, or Red McCombs can buy his momma a house and gain a season of eligibility. Probably not. A decision needs to be made regarding a serviceable Tucker Carter or a blooming Bogie. I’m thankful to the deity-of-my-choosing that this decision is made independent of my opinion.


One billion seniors. I thought the sheer volume of twenty-somethings with experience going into their final season would make up for on-paper weaknesses. As usual, I am wrong. Your friends up the freeway in San Marcos make plenty of excuses regarding replacing FCS talent with FBS players. I look at ODU and Georgia Southern and think perhaps UTSA’s personnel decisions sucked in the first place. UTSA has a lot of veteran leadership that better show up Saturday or they can suffer with the rest of us, watching a dumpster fire on Fox Sports One or the Ocho (when available). Or they can play some young guys. It’s worked numerous times since Coker kicked this sucker off and it’s not a bad idea to try now with the squad staring down a potential 1-4 start, hindering Larry’s dream of getting his old wardog program-starting senior class to a bowl.


Optimism Prime. Yeah, the FAU loss sucked. I predicted a win versus Oklahoma State and got a lump of coal for my efforts. Arizona looked ripe for the taking and that didn’t materialize. Even the dub the Runners put up in Houston seems like it happened in 1914 rather than this season. However, CUSA looks absolutely awful. The only way it could appear worse is if SMU joined the West. Marshall and Old Effing Dominion are the only squads that have won more than they’ve dropped. I don’t think there’s much shame in going 1-2 on the road at this point but man, that Florida Atlantic loss stings like an untreated venereal disease. However, New Mexico and FIU back to back at the friendly confines of the Alamodome look like a slumpbuster and her slutty sister. 3-3 headed to LA Tech isn’t ideal, but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than being on the three game losing streak that currently plagues the Runners. UTSA lost four games in a row when they hooked up with the WAC for her final season. Losses were to bowl-eligible SJSU, Utah State, and LA Tech, with current conference foe Rice kicking that streak off. This shouldn’t happen again with the Lobos coming to town.

TL;DR? A young program should try to put some youth on the field, find their leader at QB, and perhaps the sun will shine on this bird’s ass long enough to lock up a bowl bid in this shitty conference.

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