Stillwater’d: Oklahoma State 43 UTSA 13

There are many things to be said about last night’s game in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Many will be said by Cooler Chronicle’s own Jared, who was there in person. The vast majority of twitter opinion was that the offense was a bit to conservative, and the defense, while vulnerable to passes over the top, availed themselves well.

Blake Bogenschutz looks like he could be the Runner QB of the future given his ability to run and the two drives he led to 10-points. He is young, however, and that showed as he tossed a scoreboard-stuffing pick-six late.

It is hard to hold that against him so I won’t.

This loss was frustrating for a lot of folks because Oklahoma State looked vulnerable, especially early. If UTSA’s cornerbacks had a better night, we might have seen a closer game. As it was, Daxx Garman was tossing up prayers and his receivers (or the referees) were answering them with catches (or flags).

As Jared said on twitter, now is the perfect time for a bye week. The team has a couple of weeks to regroup and refocus before a conference game in Boca Raton against Florida Atlantic. This loss wasn’t nearly the moral victory that last Thursday’s game against Arizona was, but the general feeling I get from Runner fans is that the team that lost these last two games will absolutely dominate most of the CUSA slate.

Louisiana Tech and Cody Sokol might have something to say about that, and that October 18th matchup in Ruston is looking tasty.

If for some reason you’d like to relive that loss in text form, read the live blog here.

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