Sunday Review

We were beaten handily. UC-Davis looked (sounded) really good and UTSA, the complete opposite. Though there were some signs of life later in the game and two quick scores to get 17 points on the board, it came much later than against Southern Utah and left a lot of people with a poorer impression than in that first road game.

In fact, some are unbelievably questioning Travis Bush and the coaching staff already, confirming their lack of perspective. The team is mostly freshman and inexperienced players. They make young player mistakes that are nearly unpreventable.

It could be much, much worse. They could be getting shellacked every week and in boring fashion. Coker could be costing us games with terrible coaching decisions, and the recruits would look overmatched.

Instead we look like a young team making mistakes that come with lack of playing time. You know what? Maybe Soza isn’t the long-term answer at quarterback. Maybe the running backs don’t make plays. Maybe the receivers outside of Kam Jones need to hang on to the ball and run better routes and the line needs to block better if we are ever going to win anything significant. You know what else? There is plenty of time to judge all that.

There have been two classes since the program started. That is it. The first one? They were sold on the promise of a dream. The second? Something similar. This next one? Well they are the ones who have seen what it can/will be. It is fairly reasonable to think we will get a slightly better class in.

Okay, what if we don’t? Well we still would likely get one or two players in of the quality of our studs like Kurfehs, Brown, Macon or Haynes (to name a few). So, we either get more depth or stouter across the board. Maybe, just maybe we even get better at quarterback.

After all those scenarios play out, or if they don’t and we are underperforming, you can call for people’s jobs.

Before that? Dumb.

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