The Bizarre Power of Social Media

By all means, I am a child of the Internet. Graced with a high reading and writing capability at a young age, I grew up lounging in AOL chat rooms via a 56k modem and a Netscape Navigator browser. As I entered adolescence, Netscape turned to Firefox, dial-up turned to broadband, and I continued to learn about the world through the communal power of the Internet. By challenging my morals and convictions throughout my young life, the Internet has certainly been a large factor in my life. That being said, I still don’t understand it sometimes, and I was heavily reminded of the fact this week. A YouTube user named MrHurriicane uploads live streams of himself playing video games while providing commentary for his audience. Lately MrHurriicane has been streaming his latest project– an NCAA Dynasty of the UTSA Roadrunners. By all accounts, it has been his most successful video series yet, with over a thousand viewers at the series’ peak.

In his dynasty, Eric Soza, Evans Okotcha, and Kam Jones are some of the team’s stars. The passionate followers of the UTSA Dynasty took to Twitter to see if any of the UTSA players they loved watching in virtual form were on Twitter. From there, things got weird.

I was watching Evans retweet all of his many, many mentions in real time, so when this tweet rolled through, I lost it. A couple of days later, Evans saw his followers count grow by over 700. His shoutouts to his teammates such as Darrien Starling and David Glasco also gave them hundreds of followers. Hell, Evans even had some fan Twitter accounts show up. Celebrity status?

MrHurriicane put up a video detailing how the Twitter blow up happened

And Okotcha and the rest of the “Big 3” put up a video thanking MrHurriicane and his followers

How cool is it that people from all over the world are now following these guys and rooting for UTSA? Stories like these are why the NCAA franchise is so important to relatively small-time football programs like UTSA. The exposure is priceless.

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