The Sky is Falling, Shots Are Not


Well the Roadrunners continue to suck, even if this outing was a little bit more gutsy than the previous four losing affairs. Credit to the Mavericks who did pretty well in all facets of the game outside of free throw shooting, but the Roadrunners really stuck it to themselves in the first half after falling to a 19-4 deficit. Has a team ever had serious success while shooting as poorly as the Roadrunners do?  The struggling squad shot 24.5% from three which doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that they took 25 treys and only knocked down six. And a large many of them were wide-open looks. The only solution is to keep shooting. Bell curves, shooting rhythms and all that.

I think the real problem is defense and I think it’s hard to argue. During this past losing streak, opponents have shot 57.8, 53.1, 68.6, 66.7, and 62.2 percents. Pretty revolting, and the eye test is even worse. We saw NMSU take advantage of UTSA’s interior size live on TV and it was ugly and painful. The CC crew and friends slurped down many Leinenkugels and Vanilla Porters in disgust. Tonight’s game against UTA was probably worse than the NMSU ass beating. I counted Larry Wilkins matched up on a point or shooting guard at least three times (product of bad rotations) and at one point poor 5’9″ Michael Hale was forced to tug at Jordan Reeve’s shoe strings while screaming at Wilkins to switch back. Reeves knocked down 21 points while achieving shooting perfection from the field. He’s still salty about this. Well consider yourself avenged young man, well done.

Back to the topic, Kannon and Jordan let unathletic guards shake, cross, and drive them to the rim repeatedly. Not because they’re quicker but because UTSA’s defensive footwork was garbage. Hey Edrico had a nice swat though!

One smaller thing that was really, really pissing me off during the game was UTSA’s complete lack of desire to push the ball up the court or even attempt to create a fast break. Any time Larry or Edrico grabbed a board, they just sheepishly held on to the ball until the point came up and grabbed it out of their hands. This slow tempo is taking opportunities away from a team that is obviously failing at creating quality shots through offensive sets. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that UTSA never once outplayed UTA until the last two minutes when they let Kannon and Mike freeball the offense with a fast tempo and a penchant for penetration to the basket. UTSA doesn’t need to Gangnam D’Antoni style the entire game, but a few minutes per half will provide a nice spark to an offense that is on life support.

Yet again, bench scoring was non-existent for UTSA. McGregor and Hyjii always do nice things when they’re out there, but neither have been able to get buckets. The UTSA bench had just eight points tonight. Unfortunately, that number is going to continue to be insanely low, as you’ll read in the next paragraph. Half-assed analysis? The pieces just aren’t there. George Matthews will score but he’s sitting out this season. AJ should be good someday, but he’s a wide-eyed freshman. Tank is a project. Let’s just hope Edrico or Hyjii catch fire at some point.

Jared, the team looks like shit, sure, but we’ve played the toughest schedule in school history and the team is transitioning from the 28th-ranked conference in college basketball to the 13th! So why is the sky falling? Well my friend, it looks like Jeromie Hill will be out three to four weeks.  The Aussie already had a bum right knee but rolled his left knee tonight in a bizarre freak accident after Tank boxed out a youngblood that fell to the ground and rolled over into Jeromie’s knee. Definitely an ugly scene with even uglier consequences. Hill was averaging 31.5 minutes per game– those minutes will now be doled out between Edrico and Tank. Eesh. McGregor will do fine and maybe even be a defensive improvement, but UTSA needs a shooter right now and they just lost one of their best. I guess Brooks could burn Lucas’s redshirt but I don’t think that would be a wise move this late into a hopeless season. This injury comes at an awful time of the season with two home games on the immediate slate, including the I-35 Rivalry game. Let the Lord be with us.

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