The Unofficial Board

It really does suck that rowdyville is (temporarily?) dead. Lord knows there are a ton of choices. For the most part it seems that people migrated toward CSNbbs. I did. I started browsing and looking over it and even posted a couple times.

It didn’t feel right. I looked over to RowdyTalk. It is a good board. It has a lot of discussions but is kind of busy and can sometimes go dark. I rooted for it. It doesn’t look like it’ll make it though and I cannot go without a fan board. I don’t want the site to get buried somewhere under nine menus like on CSN. Nah. I figured I know how to make one. I can run one.

So I copied the one I linked to earlier and made THIS. CC is a blog. CC is a podcast. CC is now a fan-owned message board. I encourage you to enjoy it and use it how ever you feel.

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