Three keys for UTSA to win the Rumble on the Riverwalk

1.) Load the box. Bring Terry in with Reeves and Kurfehs. Run a 4-3 if need be. Just don’t let Marcus Curry run downhill. The Bobcats’ offense thrives off the read option so it is imperative that the UTSA defensive ends stay at home and play sound assignment football. If makeshift quarterback Rutherford is allowed to scramble around the ends, the TXST offense will dominate time of possession and consequently wear out the Runners’ defense. Prevent the easy stuff on the ground? Well I’ll take my chances against Rutherford’s arm. He’s certainly progressed as a thrower, but his decision making is still awfully suspect. Look for him to push the ball into coverage and fail to identify open targets in his periphery.


2.) Get crafty. No reason to hold anything out of the playbook at this point. Let Kam throw out of the wildcat. Run a reverse with Grubb. Bust out the sick wide receiver motion option that was so successful last year. Direct snap to Shaw out of a punting formation when the situation is right. All eyes will be focused on Soza and Okotcha; use this to your advantage to generate some big plays to mentally rattle the Bobcats.


3.) Play penalty free. UTSA and Texas State have been penalized at nearly an even 70 ypg clip through the season. With emotions and temper flairing, both squads will need to keep their collective cool in what is expected to be a close contest. 15 yard penalties are no joke, and a rivalry like this is primed for them. Look for the losing team to amass 100 yards in penalties.

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A UTSA alumnus that has been cast away to Austin, Jared enjoys live music and a craft beer. He thinks four verts is the best play in football but loves a QB sneak on fourth and inches. Twitter