TxState Loss Jan 19 2013

Basketball in this great state of ours gets no love. Even though the team has the best chance of the two major revenue sports to win a national title, it gets no love. Someone with a sociology or anthropology background can probably break down the reasons Texans love football way more than any other sport — even baseball. There is something about the violence of the game, and even perhaps the ownership of it (football is an American sport) that makes it ours. While basketball is also ours, it was conceived as an indoor alternative game from the beginning. Naismith thought it up because he needed something for people to do in the winter when it was too cold to come outside. Whatever the case, it still isn’t as popular as the other game.

Mike Hale won’t ever be as popular as he should. He is on a not-as-good team and smallish and he plays basketball. He is a baller, though. Tonight, against the cross-region rival, he was awesome. He played bigger than his height, bigger than his slight build, and bigger than anyone on the court — even Kannon. It was all for naught, though, as they dropped the game, another in a losing season.

I still have some of the characteristics of Gen-X, the loner, anti-establishment one even though I’m technically a Millennial, the generation that works together and is super-friendly. I have some of the characteristics of Texans, super self-confident in their abilities. David Brothers said it is Americans who love the one-man-against-the-world archetype. I don’t know which of these makes me like loners and lone-gunman heroes. Whatever it is, it makes me like Mike Hale. That dude was out there ballin’,  carrying the team, attacking the basket late and scoring 31 points. This season isn’t fun to watch but Mike Hale is. I’m glad he’s on the team.

Go Runners.

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