UTSA 14 Rice 34 10.13.12

Let’s give it up to Rice, who kicked our asses. They did it old-school like, running the ball with authority and playing clutch defense when they needed to.

This can be construed as evidence that UTSA’s undefeated streak was illusory. More likely, this was just evidence that this is a team with 15 less scholarships.

It is concerning, but we knew it would be tough in the WAC. The wins have come quicker than anyone predicted, and so has the scrutiny. Take away from this the fact that UTSA was in this thing for more than three quarters. If it weren’t for a few miscues early, it could have been an entirely different game. UTSA, instead of having to chase the game they could have ran that offense. Rice, instead of having a nice 10 point lead to start the second half, would have felt some pressure with the young upstarts holding them at home, and decking their stadium in orange.

These lessons are necessary. They are reminders that UTSA really isn’t as talented 1-85 as these WAC teams and opportunities cannot be squandered.

Whereas that South Alabama game could have very easily been a loss, this game could have been a win. There are six more games left to play, and lots of passes to catch. Here’s hoping that we don’t drop the ball as often as we did today.

Go Runners.

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