UTSA 35 Okie State 56 Recap 9.7.13

I had said prior to this season in every outlet available to me that the thing to look for this season was competitiveness. CUSA is better than the WAC and the schedule is way tougher than any UTSA has had. The test wouldn’t be if the win total was higher. It would be whether or not they looked like they belonged. After today’s game in which UTSA put up 35 points against an OSU team that only allowed 3 last week against the ESS EEE SEE’s own Miss St., I think we have an answer. While the talent gap was obvious — OSU’s offense walked through a scrappy UTSA defense — this UTSA squad is well-coached, tough, and talented in it’s own right. A few more years of CUSA-era recruiting should provide enough depth where an upset over a #13 team is not unreasonable.

If UTSA can keep up this level of effort for such non-luminarious as Tulane and Rice then we should see some more actual wins and not just moral ones. Thing to watch this weekend in CUSA: whether or not UTSA’s 35 points hold up as the highest point total by a member of the conference.

Random thoughts as I drink Beck’s:

  • Looks like it wasn’t a successful whiteout. Both teams wearing white so . . .yeah. Should have gone with orange. I want to point out that I said as much way back when.
  • Lots of references to Larry’s time at Miami and a lot about how good Okie St is. Expected
  • Pistol formation early. Glasco gets four yards. Okie State’s defense is good. So running on them will be impressive.
  • Sweeps, reverses, hand offs, tosses, Lots of movement by UTSA early. Bias scored on a jet sweep because of great blocking by everyone all drive. 13-plays 71 yards.
  • OSU moved quickly, easily.
  • JW Walsh — lots of time to do whatever he wanted. Easy to throw more TDs than incompletes that way.
  • Bias, Harrison really impressed. Soza is gamer.
  • Soza had to be perfect to have any chance at an upset. He wasn’t the only one who fell short of perfection though. A few dropped passes and bad positioning on defense.
  • Run defense was solid. Pass defense . . .was there any?
  • Lots of love. A moral victory for the Runners.
  • 40,977 in attendance. Expected more. Still a good turnout.
  • Announcers said Mi Tierra is the best Mexican food the’ve had ever. Gawd.

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