UTSA CUSA Title Game Scenarios – Nov 2 Edition

Usual apologies for absenteeism. School and all that.

In preparation for today’s game I was considering the scenarios that would get UTSA a berth in the CUSA title game. It isn’t completely far-fetched.

Current Standings as of 10am Nov 2nd.

Team Conf Record
Tulane 4-0
UNT 4-1
Rice 4-1
UTSA 2-2
LaTech 2-2
Tulsa 1-2
UTEP 0-4

Step 1 – UTSA needs to win out. The upcoming schedule includes three teams from the division so wins against Tulane, UNT, and LaTech would eliminate any competition. Rice is the only one that UTSA cannot control at all. UTSA will need some help to finish off Tulane.

What this means: UTSA would finish CUSA play at 6-2. The best UNT could finish would be 6-2 and UTSA would have the tie-breaker. The Best Rice could finish would be 7-1. They’d take the division. Since Rice came to the Bird Dome and won, to avoid dealing with the convoluted potential three-way tie at two-losses, we need…

Step 2 – Root for Rice to finish with three losses. That means they need to drop games against LaTech and UAB these next two weeks. While that is tremendously unlikely, just remember that Tulane is undefeated and bowl-eligible. Yeah.

Step 3 – Root for one more Tulane loss. Tulane is, of course, 4-0. Just beating them here in San Antonio will not do the trick. UTSA needs a loss by Tulane at FAU, home vs UTEP, or away at Rice.

For reference, here are the upcoming schedules for the teams involved –

Tulane: at FAU, at UTSA, UTEP, at Rice


Rice: LaTech, at UAB, Tulane

UTSA: at Tulsa, Tulane, at UNT, LaTech

CUSA’s Tie Breaking Scenarios

Two-team or multiple team tie for divisional champion

  1. Highest regular season winning percentage based on overall CUSA play
  2. If tied, head to head between tied teams.
  3. If still tied, highest winning percentage within division.
  4. If still tied, compare records against divisional opponents in descending order of finish.
  5. if still tied, compare records with common cross-divisional opponents.
  6. If still tied, compare records against cross-divisional opponents in descending order of finish.
  7. If still tied, team with highest BCS ranking.
  8. If still tied, the representative will be the team that has no participated in the championship game most recently.
  9. If at any point the tie is broken in a multiple team tie, the remaining dams will begin the process again at #2.

Other Teams

Who Tulane is rooting for: Themselves. They control their destiny.

Who Rice is rooting for: a UNT loss combined with winning out (includes Tulane). That will win the division for them.

Who UNT is rooting for: Two Tulane losses. Tulane won on a field goal in New Orleans that gives them the head-to-head tie break.

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