UTSA Picks up a Transfer from Fresno State

Add another former San Antonio standout to the list of players to transfer back home and play for Larry Coker in the Alamodome. Erik Brown, former first team all state corner back at Converse Judson, will be transferring to UTSA. Brown received offers from Arizona, Colorado, and Utah State in 2008 before signing on with Fresno State. Erik has decent size for a corner back at 5’11, 185 lbs and was redshirted during the 2009 season. Unsure of his eligibility at this point in time. I believe Brown will be eligible as a redshirt junior next fall.

After coming within three points of a state championship with Converse Judson in 2007, Brown transferred to Saguaro HS in Arizona, where he would earn first team all state honors and lead his team to an undefeated championship season. Erik will join Cory Williams as the second former Judson Rocket in the UTSA program. All reports on Brown praise his athleticism and high ceiling.

There’s your proof of Brown’s athleticism.

Of course, players transfer for a reason. It seems like things weren’t working out for Brown at Fresno State. In fact, I still haven’t found anything saying that Brown has seen the field since high school. Here’s a blog report from Fresno’s fall camp last year.

As was the case last season, Erik Brown had a bit of a rough camp. He was oft-exposed by faster receivers and seems to always be a step late in reacting and closing. The potential is there for him to be a solid player down the road, but right now he’s limited. Still, based on amount of reps, coaches seem to favor him slightly over fellow redshirt freshman J.B. Dock. 

DaCo on Brown: Erik Brown possesses the desired athletic ability for a corner, but over-thinks way too much on the field. When he lets himself go, you can see his potential. If he’s gonna develop, he’ll do it here, because the receivers he practices against are the best he’ll see all year. 

So there you have it. A talented athlete, albeit a wildcard. Sound about par of course for this UTSA team? I think so.

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