UTSA v. UC Riverside Live Blog & Recap

Hey guys, going to try something new tonight and do a running blog. Don’t think many people are going to be available to chat tonight (if I’m wrong let me know and I’ll open one up!) so I’m going to keep myself occupied by recapping the play every-so-often. Check back here for more updates as the game progresses.
Starting Line-Up
Stephen Franklin
Sei Paye
Jeromie Hill
Alex Vouyoukas
Melvin Johnson
Very, very small crowd in the Convo tonight.


UTSA fell out to a poor start in this one, totaling a mere 23 points in the first half. On the other bench, the Highlanders had an outlying offensive performance. Riverside finished the game 12 points over their scoring average and 10% over their field goal average. Similar to the Houston game, UTSA gave up a lot of gimme buckets underneath their defense. This is going to be unacceptable once conference play rolls around next week. In all honestly, it wasn’t the easy baskets that beat UTSA this time. UTSA failed to appropriately convert on UCR’s 16 turnovers. It didn’t help that the Runners pitched in 12 turnovers of their own. It’s getting too late in the season to let these mental miscues get a free pass.

Bright spots:
Jeromie Hill had 21 points and 7 rebounds. That’s a damn good game, yo.
Melvin Johnson III shot through an early poor performance. #31 only finished with 13, but they came in big situations, including a couple of super deep, contested shots.

UTSA is back in action on Sunday against Bowling Green. It’s another home game so you guys go out and support. Tough when you’re scheduled against the Spurs like tonight, but c’est la vie.

Live Blog:

UTSA 0 – UCR 3

Quite a sloppy start for both teams thus far. UTSA has zero flow on offense with Melvin Johnson handling the ball more than, I’m sure, Thompson wants him to. Solid D from the Runners so far but Riverside drained a deep trey.
 UTSA 4 – UCR 6
Timeout following a travel on Melvin Johnson. Despite another good three point shot from UCR, both teams are doing a poor job from the field as we approach the 15 minute mark. Burrage is entering the game.
UTSA 6 – UCR 10

Like clockwork, Burrage draws a foul with his first touch. Fun factoid: UTSA is sixth in the nation in FT% with a 77 percent clip. Both of Kannon’s freebies are good.
UTSA 7 – UCR 12
Just saw some sterling defense from UTSA there. The Roadrunners took UCR to the wire of the shot clock, forcing a poor look on the back of a couple of triple and double-teams. Hale had his pocket picked on the following possession but raced back to deflect the break away lay up, drawing a questionable foul call in the process. Uncle Andy is pissed.
UTSA 7 – UCR 14 (Media Timeout)

Not quite the start the Roadrunners were looking for. The Highlanders have gotten some clear looks under the basket, leading to easy buckets. Riverside’s soft zone has thrown the Runners for a loop, causing a mere 22% shooting performance for the Roadrunners.
UTSA 7 – UCR 14 (UCR Timeout)
Free throws coming for Burrage after he was whacked by a Highlander. We got some new tunes in the Convo as Rowdy is jamming to Kanye’s “Amazing”. If you haven’t heard already, UTSA’s conference game against Sam Houston St. next week is being postponed a day as the Bearkats will be winning the National Championship in FCS football on the date you’ll see on the schedule.
UTSA 13 – UCR 22
Under eight minutes left in the first half as a jump ball leads to a media timeout then a Highlander basket. UTSA’s offense has looked really stagnant. I believe MJIII has only taken one shot, a pretty good indicator of a lack of ball movement.

UTSA 13 – UCR 24

Dunno what’s going on here. Hill had his shot blocked, called a goaltend, basket was counted, then Hill was called for an offensive foul. Points were taken off the board. Highlanders immediately came down the timeline and yakked on a posterization dunk. Ouch. Burrage on the line for UTSA.

UTSA 20 – UCR 25

Excuse the lull in updates as I am currently devouring a chef salad. Kannon Burrage has started to take this game over with pure hustle and just drew a charge to give UTSA the ball and a chance to make this a one possession game. Riverside is very athletic but seem to be missing some key components to a winning team, namely an identifiable offensive profile.


A 10-2 run down the stretch puts the Roadrunners back in contention. Hill has been doing a solid job so far and hit a smooth three point shot to put UTSA within two before the Highlanders returned the favor on an open shot beyond the arch. The Roadrunners have had an uncharacteristically high amount of turnovers, leading to a sizable deficit when match with their offensive deficiencies. It must be a frustrating night for Highlander fans, as blown lay ups and fouls are keeping UTSA in this one. More new music in the convo, this time being J. Cole’s “Work Out”. Nice to hear some hip hop bumpin’.

Halftime Game Flow

UTSA 32 – UCR 30
A triplet of three-point shots give the Roadrunners the lead, two of which came from Hill with the other being the doing of MJIII. UTSA’s offense looks revitalized– a lot of movement, screens, and cross-court passes. The Highlanders are up to seven turnovers already. If UTSA starts to capitalize on that this one should end up being a blowout on in the home team’s favor.

UTSA 37 – UCR 39

Fast pace here in the second half, especially in comparison to that ugly start to the first. Franklin sinks two shots from the charity stripe to bring the Runners to within two. Just kidding, Highlanders hit another three to make it 37-42.

UTSA 41 – UCR 49

Don’t know where this deep-shooting accuracy came from, but it’s here. Highlanders are making everything from deep to give them an eight point lead despite a good effort from the Runners. Hill has 18 already.

UTSA 41 – UCR 53

Wow, make that a 12 point lead. Riverside is already over their scoring average, believe it or not.

UTSA 41 – UCR 55

If UTSA wants to win this game, they better do something quick. Game is starting to s  l  i  p    a  w   a    y

UTSA 46 – UCR 55

The Runners heard my beckoning, as Hale drains a three pointer and a steal and jumper from Sei cuts the lead to nine. Riverside only has one timeout left and is playing Chavarria with four personal fouls..

UTSA 48 – UCR 59

Riverside can’t miss a shot tonight. I don’t know if it’s so much poor defense as much as it is hot shooting, but something’s got to give quick.

UTSA 50 – UCR 59

UCR just threw the ball away to give UTSA a chance to make this a ball game. Under four minutes left.

UTSA 52 – UCR 59

A successful trip to the free throw line makes it a seven point game with three minutes to play. Riverside has six fouls to UTSA’s four.

UTSA 52 – UCR 61

Tough call on UTSA there. Melvin missed a contested fast break lay up that Kannon tipped in, but offensive interference was called as Burrage had a hand on the rim before the dunked the ball. UTSA burns a full time out.

UTSA 52 – UCR 63

UTSA is on the line shooting two, but that last bucket from Riverside should wrap this up.

UTSA 59 – UCR 64

Hey there. UTSA works quick to make it a six point game on the back of a Jeromie Hill three.

UTSA 65 – UCR 70

That’ll do it folks. A little recap will be posted above.

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